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Jessica's Family Affair

Author(s): Kelley C. Mayweather

Terminally ill Jessica Anderson commits suicide. At the reading of her will, a longtime family secret is revealed, causing Grant Rodgers to examine the way he lives his life.
Confronted with sudden fatherhood, Troy Davidson has to decide if his love for Grant is strong enough to survive the obstacle placed before him. After finding out her husband is leaving for a man and her cousin committing suicide, Darla Maxwell finds comfort from an unlikely source.


So what is it about this man that I can't get him out of my system? It must be the way he whispers my name in my ear. It could be the way he places his hand on the small of my back. It could be the way he takes his tongue and let it swerve down my neck like ice on hot summer day. It could be the way he undresses. He doesn't realize it, but he does it so sensually. The way he slowly takes off his T-shirt. I'm so glad I have one of his T-shirts under my side of the bed. In case he's not with me, I still have his masculine scent. I love the way he takes his fingers and runs them up and down my legs, grabbing my calf, massaging it firmly, but gently. The way he slowly takes my tongue into his mouth, engulfing my lips. The way he takes my leg, holding it straight the air and slowly placing kisses on my inner thigh.
That man, that man. Oh, that man. He knows how to make your body melt the way butter melts in a skillet, sizzling as it turns into liquid. That's the way I am, putty in his hands. He's has the height and complexion of Harry J. Lennix, with the smile, dimples and build of LL Cool J. He is as enchanting as Denzel Washington, with the humor of Bill Cosby. He's my Mandingo Warrior, my Joshua Morgan.
He walked into my life at the right time, tearing it apart at the same time. He walked right into my heart and took control of it. He turned my life around, upside down and now I'm not the same. He took me on a ride that I wasn't expecting. Not that I'm bad looking, but I'm not this man's type. I'm not young. I'm over the hill compared to his normal dates.
He wants me to open up completely to him. How can I do that? I still haven't forgotten about Saturday night. He got away Sunday. After Troy, Grant and Fletcher left the restaurant, everyone seemed to be preoccupied. After we had brunch, Josh had planned an outing on his parents' boat. Needless to say, he was able to move all the negative thoughts and bad energy away from me. He's good at that.
Now it's Wednesday, and I have not talked with him. We have been playing telephone tag the last couple of days. I've been busy with work, and I know he has been as well. He called and said he was on his way over. I guess I need to get up from off this couch and get to moving, but I don't feel like it.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-054-1
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 05/27/2008
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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