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Author(s): James Brock

Handsome Carter Ellis seems to have it all: a loving home, a very “out” and over-the-top Uncle, and more money than an internet titan.  He also has a few secrets.  Carter's struggles, including his crush on the hot daddy next door, Ashford Tanner, are minor, however, compared to the hidden worlds that have been surrounding him his entire life.  The secrets begin to give way when Carter learns that Ash and his young ward, Ty, are Vampires, creatures of the night who are working against an evil Vampiress and her honey sweet human "Renfrew" who is determined to help her employer take over the world, one bite at a time if need be!

While pining for Ash (and reeling at the news that the object of his lust is among the undead!), young Carter diverts himself with work, a hot fling (who has a dark and a little smelly secret of his own) as well as his usual bickering banter with hot-as-a-Marine-in-a-jockstrap Ty.  Thrown together to defend themselves against forces of the dark, Carter and Ty discover they have more in common than they realized, a long simmering attraction that had been hidden beneath a veneer of jealousy and hate.

Here I am, a walking hormone, and next door is this quiet, handsome MAN.  So I took to wearing the smallest Speedo suit I could find while making certain that the hedges and fence between the two estates were trimmed back juuuustt enough for me to be seen by the neighbor.  It never occurred to me that I did not see him in the light of day.  Long lingering looks, long lingering touches, my stomach would get fluttery around him.  I was on the swim team at another elite school by then, stripping, showing, and hanging with a collection of the most perfect male bodies you can ever imagine outside a collection of Roman statuary, but the guy who is giving me wood and wet dreams is my hunky neighbor twenty (well, a LOT more than I knew then) years older than me. 
Reaching out to the coffin and finding a small button recessed in the thick wood, I depressed the tiny knob and stepped back, watching as the top half of the custom made box rose, a bright white light radiating from inside as the lid opened revealing the body inside.  Ashford Connor appeared to be in his late forties and looked like a movie star of that same era.  His lean, athletic torso was clothed in a pair of neatly pressed khaki pants, a light pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt stretched over his muscular chest.  His often unruly shock of thick auburn hair had been combed into submission, piercing blue eyes shielded by a pair of steel rim glasses which I knew were only for show.  I smiled down at Ash while reaching into the coffin to pluck a pair of ear buds from his head. 
“Thank Jupiter for the New York Times,” the handsome man in the casket said with a broad smile. 
“Uh huh.  I’m sure it wasn’t some trashy novel,” I returned, with a trace of sarcasm which, given that I was late and nearly naked, was NOT called for.  I went about picking up the electronic reader that had been resting on his chest as if nothing were unusual.  Modern life had made some parts of being undead easier.  Turning the device off, I smoothed a hand back under the bier and depressed another button, this one smoothly lowering the side of the coffin, the side panel silently sliding down and slipping under the custom designed tube as Ash swung his legs out and pushed himself up out of the casket.  As soon as he was up, I tucked the reading device along with the ear buds back into a sleeve on the inside of the lid, plugging it in to charge.  Ash was worse than a kid with a comic book when it came to lights out. 
Ty did a lot of things in my world: annoyed me, angered me, pushed my buttons, creeped me out (I had seen him feed. Shudder inducing, to say the least), bugged me, was a thorn in my side, but he DID NOT scare me.  Oh, there were times he would make insinuations about what he could DO to me, yet no matter how Nosferatu he went on me, I just was not afraid of him.  For one thing, he was too freaking cute to be afraid of.  And besides, if he ever did try any funny business with me he would be on the receiving end of Ash’s wrath, and the Gods of old help him then!  I am sorry to say that he also got me hot.  As much as I disliked his SO MANY bad qualities, he was one sexy vampire. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5084-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 05/19/2012
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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