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Night Heat

Author(s): Marilyn Lee

23-year-old Jace Anderson helps pay his tuition during his last year of college by cleaning office buildings. One hot, summer night, Jace discovers an office occupied by a tall, dark, handsome, and well-hung male who immediately ignites his passions.

33-year-old lawyer Brian Jordan is dismayed to find himself attracted to the blond, blue-eyed Jace. He decides to spend a lustful weekend getting Jace out of his system. His feelings for Jace soon challenges him to explore his deepest emotions while he struggles to determine how far he dares extend the night heat he and Jace share.

Will the hot steamy Night Heat be too much for Brian and Jace?



"Hot night, huh Jace?"

I nodded at the woman behind the security desk. "You know it."

"Bad news. The air is out on the upper floors."

"What?" I stared at her. "Tell me you're kidding."

She shook her head, a wide smile spreading across her face. "Nope."

"Damn. That's all I need." I moved towards the elevator bank.

"Keep cool now, sweet cheeks."

I clenched my jaw, but didn't bother to acknowledge her parting shot. What the hell was her problem? Did she resent my sexual orientation because it meant I wasn't interested in her? Too damn bad.

Since my mother's death, four years earlier, I hadn't really felt close to any woman. That is until I meant a fellow classmate, April Tyler. With her smooth dark skin, big breasts and ass, she was the only female who had even remotely come close to arousing a mild sexual interest in me.

Within weeks of our meeting at school, we'd become close enough to engage in sex play. Our experiment never went past our undressing and fondling each other. After I admitted I couldn't really get it up for her, she kissed me and told me it was a sin to waste my looks and big cock on another man. She then told me anytime I wanted to give pussy another try, I could start with hers.

Still thinking about April, I smiled and pushed the Up button. If I didn't get lucky that night maybe I'd call April and accept her offer to sample her pussy. I stepped inside when the elevator doors swished open. The interior felt like a blast furnace. I was sweating when I got off at the fifteenth floor. I picked up my cleaning supplies from the janitorial closet and stood in the quiet corridor trying to convince myself that I could not afford to turn around and get the hell out of there.

But damn if I felt like cleaning in that heat. You need the money so suck it up, sweet cheeks. I made a quick circuit of the entire floor which housed a law office. Finding no one in any of the offices, I decided to make myself as comfortable as possible. I stripped naked, put my underwear, shorts, and shirt on a chair in the first office, and began cleaning.

Of course as I cleaned, having my dick swinging free was a constant reminder that I needed some cock. Determined not to be sidetracked by lust, I resisted the urge to step into one of bathrooms for a quick jerk off. Three and a half hours later, I walked into the last office, still naked. But I was only half an hour away from hitting the clubs. I turned on the lights, emptied the trash can and hooked up the vacuum cleaner. Then I moved towards the private adjourning bathroom. As I neared the half open door, the toilet flushed.

I froze. Shit! Someone was in there and there I was buck-naked and semi-erect. Keeping my gaze on the door, I quickly, silently backed away.

I was halfway across the office and ready to turn and sprint for the office door when a man emerged from the bathroom. I felt my stomach muscles churning as I stared at him. He was about 6Ɗ. His handsome, smooth skin reminded me of milk chocolate. He had wide shoulders, narrow hips, long legs, and was as naked and aroused as I was.

I moistened my lips as my gaze slid down over his rippled abs to lock on his groin. Or more correctly, the cock he held in his hand. It was one of the biggest, thickest dicks I'd ever had the pleasure to see up close and personal. The head of his tool was big, dark pink, angry looking, and dripping pre-come. The rest of what I could see of his shaft bulged with veins.

One look at his lethal weapon and my own shaft jumped to complete rigid attention. I knew I would do whatever was necessary to end up with his big shaft buried to the balls in my ass. Then I'd happily suck him until he gushed over my lips or my ass. I'd eagerly let him put his dick wherever the hell he wanted to.

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/11/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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