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Savage Moon Rising

Ancient Prophecy #2

Blake Savage, pack beta, wanted to settle down in an ordinary life with a mate. As an unknown illness began to plague his community, the resulting alpha's death pushed Blake to lead his pack and put his personal desires aside.

Wade Collins, pack alpha, accepted his responsibilities as leader which didn't leave time for a relationship. Wade's life changed when the prophecy's Chosen One came into his territory. Offering his protection against the vampires led Wade to Blake's small community where he comes face to face with his future.

With part of the prophecy fulfilled, Blake and Wade are thrown together by a visit from the Ancient Ones to guide them in their role in the prophecy.

As these two alphas play their role in the prophecy, will love be enough to keep them together?


Blake Savage stood and looked out at the carnage of bodies strewn all over the clearing. How had things gotten to this point? As if it weren't bad enough to be burdened by an unknown disease, now they had vampire attacks? He turned around and spotted Wade, the Alpha of the Watson pack, halfway across the field with blood slowly seeping from a gash in his side. Blake quickly ran over and tore his already tattered shirt from his body. No huge loss anyway, he thought with a shrug.

"Here let me help."

"No. It's okay. I'll heal." Wade slapped at his hands as Blake tried to press the cloth to the wound.

"Don't be an ass. Let me help, you could bleed out." He couldn't understand what it was about Wade, but from the first moment Blake saw him, he just knew he had to have him. It was like a fire burning, the need inside him coursing through his veins like flame through gasoline. Every time Wade slapped his hand away Blake's wolf protested and wanted out.

"Oh my God!" He looked around to see Will approaching as the man removed his own shirt. Will pushed Blake out of the way and starting dabbing his shirt on the gash on Wade's side.

Blake growled when Will traced his fingers around the wound. Mine! the wolf inside him growled out. Instinctively he moved closer to Wade, keeping a close eye on Will. Blake gasped when he noticed Will's hands starting to glow, and then the savage gash in Wade's side slowly started to close.

Blake just stood there with his mouth hanging open in total shock and awe at what he was seeing. He'd never met anyone who could do something like that before. When Will pulled his hand back, Blake started to reach out to touch the now-healed wound.

"Don't." Wade snarled at him.

"What the hell is your problem?" All he wanted to do was help, yet every time he tried Wade turned him down flat. What was so wrong with him that Wade couldn't accept his help?

Blake looked up and saw Eric leading Will to another injured pack member. Without waiting for an answer from Wade he walked over to where Eric stood and cast a quick glance towards Wade before looking back at Will. Blake watched Eric's mate carefully as he placed his hands on the wounds of one of the hurt pack members, but nothing seemed to be happening.

Envious, Blake watched the way the Eric and his mate interacted and wished that someday he'd find his mate, too. Someone who would love him the way Eric obviously loved his Will.

He lifted his eyebrow when Eric looked over at him, confusion written on the man's face. Maybe there was something more to the Prophecy that they weren't aware of yet? "We need to find out why the vampires were able to come out in the daylight."

"That shouldn't have happened. We need to get to the bottom of this . . . and quick." Eric and Blake both looked at Wade in surprise.

"So you'll be sticking around for a while?" Eric asked with a smug smile on his face.

Blake felt his heart start to race and blood run through his veins like a runaway train. Great, that was all he needed, he thought. He couldn't understand why he felt so strongly attracted to someone who obviously didn't want anything to do with him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781920468484
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/28/2010
Publisher: Silver Publishing

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