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Beauty and the Spy, The

Author(s): Jennifer Mueller

Jay's docking in Athens with the Navy, got a whole lot better when he spots a beauty walking down the street, when her dance alone is more contact with a woman he's had in months who is he to turn down an offer to go home with her.  But then when someone tries to kill her things get a lot more interesting.


     "Ela.  Come dance with me.”  The husky, whiskey soaked voice didn’t go with that face, but it certainly went with that body.  The band didn’t even wait for him to answer, they just started playing a song that was anything, but traditional Greek.  Hard driving, even a bit of jazz, they were having fun before a lot of tourists arrived expecting the opposite. 

     “Only if you tell me your name.” The waiter brought him his drink as if he’d need it to keep up with her. 

     “You can call me Aphrodite,” she whispered as if she already had him in bed holding out her hand for him to take.  Her smile alone could have taken him there without a word.  But as she pulled Jack out from the tables he knew exactly why the band wanted her to dance.  If he thought she undulated as she walked, she was pure sex dancing to the music.  He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t put his hands on her, she was too tempting.  Aphrodite herself stepped close and placed Jack’s hands on each hip as she moved, sinuous as a snake, sensuous as a belly dancer.
      “I only bite if you ask me to,” she whispered barely over the music that a note didn’t play that her hips didn’t echo. 

     “I’m more afraid I might bite.  Do you know what you do to a man that’s been on a ship for 6 months?”  How could he have ever thought there was any angel in that face of hers?  Sweet not a chance, with the grin on her deep red lips he tried not to imagine them around. . . well it was a good thing her chest was so large it kept her from getting close enough to feel how much it did to a man on a ship for 6 months.

     “Then enjoy yourself.”  She called out something in Greek to the band and the music sent her hips, not faster, but the rhythm was just that of . . . sex.  Then she was close enough to rub up against 6 months of longing.  “What’s your name?” she asked just as he was certain he couldn’t stand it any longer.

     “Jack.”  Every step she took pressed him closer.  “You’re going to kill me if you keep this up.”

     Her husky laugh filled his ear.  “Me?  Are you implying I’m a tease?” 

     “It’s been six months since I’ve even seen a woman you were killing me when I just saw you in the street.  Let alone dancing with you so close.  You wouldn’t have to do anything. . .”

     Aphrodite leaned closer and he died, the devil in his ear killed him then and there.  “Six months is it?  Truly so long.”

     “Yes ma’am.” 

     “If that’s the case then maybe we should do something to fix that.  I don’t suppose you’d have any ideas with 6 months of thinking on such things?” 

     With that, Jack pulled her closer and just about lost it as she moved against his cock.  “You are a dangerous woman.”

     “I’m no whore, if that’s what you think.”

     “No—just one that knows what she wants.”

     “Then we understand each other.”  She pulled back and checked her watch.  “Never let it be said I’m a tease, but I have to do one thing tonight first.  Back room of Aphrodite Lounge eight o’clock.  I’ll leave word at the door to have them let in a friend.”

     “Where is that?”  Jack couldn’t stop the words, she could have asked him to meet her at the jail, and he would have run as fast as he could. 

     “Two streets down right on the corner.”  With one last swing of her hips again perfectly in time with the music, she was gone.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0184-4
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 04/26/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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