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Beyond the Dream Catcher

Author(s): Rita Hestand

At nineteen, Katherine Hightower is orphaned in the Texas wilderness, with no one for company but her brother and the rough characters trying to eek a living out of the harsh landscape. With her parents lost to the fever, Katherine tries to run the Butterfield Stage Station as her folks had done. Beaten down with grief and endless grueling work, she wonders if things could get worse. And they do, when soldiers try to attack her. Her rescuer is an unlikely hero--a half breed prisoner.

Chase Rivers is on a mission to bring the woman who haunts his dreams back to his people. With the spell of the Shawnee's Shaman pushing them towards each other, Katherine and Chase succumb to the magic bond that will carry them through danger and doubt together. Will Katherine be able to accept her own mixed heritage? She must decide if her love for Chase and her belief in her own abilities can bring the vision of the Dream Catcher to fruition. If her love fails, the Shawnee people will perish.


Her lips trembled as she touched her mouth to his. Warmth like summer sunshine stunned his senses. A sweetness never imagined whispered his name, as she pulled away and stared into his confusion. Had he imagined her actions?

"Who are you. ich-que? Your kiss is like mon-nit-to a-ta-wa-chie, heaven," Chase Rivers demanded, his voice bold, and his eyes boring into the figure of the woman with silent appreciation. "What do you want with me, why do you look into my soul as though you know me?"

"We will soon know each other, I am Katherine" She gasped, her eyes searching his in wonderment. Golden flecks in fawn brown eyes softened on him, her tender smile spreading and radiating her face. Long limbed and graceful, she stood poised. Her long brown hair fell past her waist, her serene smile radiating a sunshine all her own.

Now his glance filled with amazement and awe as she opened her arms to him. He wanted to go into her arms, but Chase knew nothing of this woman. His cynical nature held him back, but it took more effort than relenting.

"Where are you from?" he murmured as he came closer, wanting assurance of her reality. "I have never seen you before."

"I come from Texas, she said breathlessly. "I'm on the Butterfield's Stage Line." Chase pondered the information, intrigued by her proud nature. It made no sense to him. The Butterfield Stage Line, created by a dreamer, Mr. Butterfield, was a death trap the Comanche intended to destroy.

"Why are you here? Why do you invade my dreams?" He asked in a hushed whisper, not wanting to scare her off, but still skeptical of her.

"I have not invaded. I wait for your welcome. It's your dream, not mine. You called my spirit" Her shy smile filled his heart.

"I called no one." Chase watched her with curiosity and trepidation. And yet, she somehow beckoned him. He didn't like what she did to him.

She turned away slightly at his remark, a tear in the corner of her eye almost spilling. Instant sadness surrounded him. Her smile faded, the sunshine replaced by darkness now, as though night had descended. But it could not be. How could light ebb so quickly in the middle of the day? He'd just eaten; it was barely past noon. Loneliness engulfed his heart. He stared at her, bewildered. What kind of prophet caused the sun not to shine?

"Then I must go." Her sadness engulfed him, as though his rejection had caused her hurt. But how could he hurt her? He did not know her.

Chase felt her pain as if it were his own. Her loneliness, too. But even more, her hopelessness. What manner of vision could this be? He refused to carry it, rejecting it. Yet because he had glimpsed it, he knew he would not forget it. He would carry it forever in the deepest, darkest part of his being.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-936394-29-6
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 10/08/2010
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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