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Fire In Their Hearts

Author(s): RS Meger, RG Hart

Victoria McHichol arrives in Vancouver on the eve of the great fire that would nearly level the city.  An independent woman, her father, a Canada Pacific Railroad head, has enlisted her to spy on his behalf. He needs to find why intense political pressure is being applied on his office to choose the western terminus for the railroad.
Tyler Scott, a handsome gambler arrives in Vancouver for the city’s first Poker Challenger, looking to establish his stake.  A fire starts accidently and quickly spreads through the city. Victoria and Tyler barley escape with their lives.
Can two people from different worlds survive the social taboos of the late nineteenth century, as well as kidnapping, conspiracy and the hangman’s noose?


I only have one chance at this.
He would need to cut his way through the rear wall and hope he guessed correctly. From what he’d seen, Miss Kelly with her intelligent blue eyes and bright determined smile, appeared to be a very astute woman. He expected her to be nearest the rear wall of the hotel where the fire was less intense. If she had any hope of rescue or escape, it would be from there.
Tyler walked along the wall until he found what seemed to be the coolest spot. He hefted the axe over his shoulder, took a deep breath, readied himself to strike a blow, then hesitated when he heard a loud rending of wood audible even over the roar of the hungry fire.
He stepped back as the slats of wood in front of him cracked, as if an earthquake had suddenly split them apart. He watched the crack lengthen, then shielded his eyes as the wall burst apart. Bits of shattered wood flew around him.
When he looked again, he saw a petite, blonde-haired woman holding a black kettle she had used to smash through the wall. Her hair was matted to her head and she was covered in soot and sweat as she stepped through the newly made doorway.
“What are you looking at?” Her voice was husky, dry from the heat. There was a writhing wall of red and yellow behind her. She stepped forward, tottering toward Tyler as if she were drunk. Suddenly she lost consciousness and collapsed into his arms.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781927454961
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 01/02/2014
Publisher: Champagne Books

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