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In Time for Christmas

Author(s): Cheryl Alldredge

In Time for Christmas" is a stunning time travel back to when Vikings plundered. Gunnar meets a small boy, Jon, and feels compelled to say a prayer to the Christian God. His prayer for good fortune, and the gift of a box to Beth in the present day, send Beth hurtling back where she and Gunnar find love "In Time for Christmas."

Cheryl Alldredge's heartfelt story brings the time of the Vikings to vivid life. Her incredible gift at encapsulating details and emotions will leave readers yearning for more stories by this talented author. This compelling time travel beautifully juxtaposes the beliefs of the Vikings with those of the Christians to create a fascinating and sensitive portrait of Christmas.


Getting to his feet, Gunnar waited for his little gift to dance her way nearer, then plucked her from the circle of dancing women. She squealed and laughed as he lifted her into his arms and spun her around, dancing his way inside and through the doorway that led to his private quarters. When he landed her on her feet, she looked confused.

"Is the feast over?"

"Nay, little one, the feasting will go on for days, but it is time we settled in to warm the furs."

Beth's gaze darted to his fur covered bed. "Did you saywe?"

Gunnar chuckled at the sudden squeakiness in her voice. "Aye. You and I. Together."

"Umm, I can sleep in the mainhalllonghouse whatever you call it."She waved her hand toward the doorway and attempted to pull away.

"Nay. It would not be safe for you to sleep there and you will need the warmth of another to sleep through the night with comfort." He watched her eyes take in his room, as if searching for a means of escape as she considered her possible arguments. Gunnar placed his fingertips across her lips before she spouted some nonsense that would make him crazy with jealousy. "Nay, little one. No one will warm you but me."

"And if I say no?" she mumbled behind his fingers.

Gunnar traced her lips, then caressed the tip of her chin before lifting her face for a kiss. "Then I will be forced to persuade you."

Beth's heart beat like a wild thing beneath her breast. Could she blame the mead she'd consumed for the fact it beat with excitement, not fear? Or should she blame her need of this man on the fact it had been a long while for her, or on the fact he was gorgeous? No. She realized the truth the moment his lips met hers. It was the tenderness in his touch each time he drew nearthe warmth in his smile when he looked at her.

His lips caressed hers with unceasing patience, gently urging her to kiss him back. God help her, but she couldn't resist. She returned his kiss, meeting his pace as the kiss turned passionate. Urgent. His hands stoked the fire within her as they explored and caressed her through the coarse fabric.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-1-8
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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