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Kid Sister

Pembroke Steel: Book 4

Author(s): Gilbert M. Stack

When Mitch Pembroke’s bodyguard, Kit Moran, receives news that an old buddy from the Great War is missing, Kit’s ready to drop everything and go hunting for Corporal Steve Neurell. But Kit isn’t the only one concerned. Steve helped Kit save Mitch’s life during the war and Mitch refuses to let Kit search alone. Their one real link to Steve is the man’s Kid Sister, but it’s just possible she’s also the reason he’s disappeared…
Mitch felt it was time to step back into the conversation. “Do you know where your brother is?”

There was no guile in Katie’s eyes when she answered him, just honest sadness. “No.”

“Neither does anyone else we can find,” Mitch said. “We’re worried something has happened to him.”

Katie shook her head. “No, Tim said Steve was angry and decided to leave us to our fate.”

“Angry?” Mitch asked, although he now knew full well what had Steve so incensed.

Katie blushed. “About this,” she said, placing her left hand upon her swollen stomach.

The frank admission embarrassed Mitch also. He didn’t know what to say. He frankly didn’t know Steve as well as he kept pretending to and he felt flummoxed by Katie’s revelation.

Kit stepped in to help him again. “We understand about that,” he said, “but what Steve’s friends are having trouble accepting is that Steve would walk away from you no matter what mistakes you may have made.”

Katie’s blush deepened.

“He might kill the man who did this to you,” Danny added, “but we can’t see how he’d leave you to him. That ain’t Steve!”

It seemed impossible, but Katie’s face grew even redder. “So what are you asking me?” she asked.

“Where might Steve have gone?” Mitch asked, quickly steering the conversation so that Danny wouldn’t accuse the woman’s husband of killing her brother. That would only clam her up and they wanted to keep her talking. “Did he have any friend he might have visited? Do you have any family he might have turned to?”

“And did he take anything with him when he went?” Kit asked. “Did he take anything at all?”

Before Katie could answer, the front door to the house opened and Tim Rourke stormed into the room. He was tall, broad and handsome. His clean-shaven face was beat-red with anger and his hands were clenched into fists. Another man hurried into the room behind Rourke, hands thrust deep into the pockets of his long overcoat.

“What’s going on here?” Rourke shouted before zeroing his attention in on his young wife. “I told you not to let anyone into the house.”

Katie began to cry. “I’m sorry, Tim. They said they were friends of Steve and they’re looking for him.”

Mitch wanted to rise to his feet, but resisted the impulse for fear of escalating the tension in the room. Kit had been off the wall and ready on the balls of his feet from the first sound of the opening door. Danny Maguire was slow to start but now rose hastily.

Rourke turned on him. “I told you I didn’t want to see you again! I’ve got nothing to say to the likes of you!”

“We know,” Kit said. The calm in his voice was actually more menacing then Rourke’s shouting. “It’s one of the reasons we’re here. We couldn’t figure out why you wouldn’t even speak to Danny about Steve unless you had something to do with his disappearance.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0171-4
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 03/08/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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