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Midsummer Magic

Book Title: Blue Moon Magic

Author(s): Kristi Ahlers

Kieran Fraser realizes that something is missing from his life…and on the eve of a Blue Moon he makes a wish…a wish to find someone that will fill the holes in his life. Lady Meredith has been informed that she will have to marry the cruel Lord Langdon and all of her childhood dreams of marrying her knight are crushed. Looking for one more chance at a happy ending she makes a wish on the Blue Moon. When a Scottish laird rides into her glen and kidnaps her she has to wonder. Has the magical moon answered her prayers? Has she found a love that will defy all?



The full moon glowed an incandescent blue in the night sky. The second full moon that month. Meredith fondly remembered her mother telling of the magic that was about on such a night. It was good luck to wish on such a moon.

And if Meredith ever needed the magic of a Blue Moon it was now.

Closing her eyes, she made a wish on the Blue Moon, a wish of finding a love that would defy all, one to fill her heart. In her minds eye she pictured a dark knight on a handsome steed. A man who would risk all to love her and keep her safe.

She wanted a child's fairy tale, her logical side chided.

Ah, it was a silly wish but on a night such as this it seemed fitting.

She sat up and looked longingly at the pond. Images of the water's cool caress upon her heated flesh lured her to the water’s  edge. Deciding a small swim would buoy her spirits, she stood and made her way to the beckoning pool.

She promised not to tarry long. Removing her gown, she walked into the silken water and dove under the surface.

For the first time since her father's return home, Meredith smiled. The smile turned into laugh, sounding musical to her ears.

The simple pleasures of a midnight swim on the night of a magical full moon.

Yes, magic was afoot this night.

Suddenly, she knew somehow she would be happy.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-4-2
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 05/01/2006

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