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Nathan's Return

Author(s): Nancy Henderson

There are probably worse things than falling in love with a dead man. With an ex-husband trying to financially destroy her, and a family turning her new business into a circus, Sarah Price is determined not to take it anymore. Just when she decides to take charge of her life, death comes knocking.

Nathan McGraw died centuries ago. Death is nothing compared to landing back on Earth, angering a demon, and being attracted to the most infuriatingly stubborn woman hes ever met.

What happens when ghost and mortal fall in love? Nothing short of upsetting the balance between heaven and hell.


Something tapped the side of her face. Sarah opened her eyes and saw the stranger. For a moment, as she drifted between consciousness and reality, she studied his eyes. The irises had no color whatsoever. They were clean, perfectly clear, and yet she detected somethingmovement within them, circling the cornea.

Recalling what hed just done and whoor whathe was, she bolted upright and screamed.

He clamped a hand on her mouth. His hand was cold. So cold. She suddenly couldnt stop trembling.

Dont scream again. Please.

She nodded. Anything to stop him from touching her.

He released his hand from her mouth and leaned back. Sarah sat up. She bolted toward the back wall. Who are you? Wh-what are you? What do you want?

I am Nathan McGraw. I report to Captain Saltonftall of the 35th Regiment of the Kings Army. I

I dont want to hear anymore of this ridiculous war garbage!

He held his hands up as if surrendering.

You She couldnt stop her voice from quivering. She was going crazy. No doubt about it now. Youre not real.

Im the same as you.

I cant walk through walls! You arent real, thats all. Youre just Ive been under a lot of stress. Youre a product of that. Th-thats all!

He moved in front of her.

Dont talk to me.

You can see me when no one else can.

Because Im crazy. She ran her hand through her hair. Oh God, Im nuts.

What year is this?

Get out.

Tell me the year.

She threw a stack of books at him. She expected to hurt him. She didnt

They sailed right through him.

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Genre: Historical
Date Published: 02/07/2011
Publisher: Champagne Books

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