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Sibylla and the Privateer

Author(s): Marina Oliver

Played for a fool by one handsome man, Sibylla hesitates to fall for another.

Sibylla is in love, but Randolph demands secrecy. Then she discovers he is plotting against her brother Gerard, a Royalist hoping to restore King Charles II of England to the throne. Once she learns his secret motive, Randolph means to silence her, but chance and Josselin, the French Privateer intervene. Together Sibyella and Josselin have to save Gerard from danger and the King from his enemies. Have they time?


When he stepped towards her, she noted the rippling muscles under the silk shirt and close-fitting breeches. As he drew nearer she gasped, but not with fear. As if in a daze she stared at him, while his smile deepened. He was beside her before he spoke. The appreciative look in his eyes that glinted close to hers, and his deep hypnotic voice, sent a shiver through her.

He bowed. "Your servant, Mademoiselle. I am confounded to find such treasure on such a boat, but delighted to make your acquaintance. I fear it is necessary for you to transfer to my own boat, but I will endeavor to make you as comfortable as possible. Please, do not fear me for no harm shall come to you."

She walked with him to the side of the boat. When she saw a narrow gangplank laid across the gap separating the boats, her step faltered. Was she expected to walk across it? She was not left long in doubt. The pirate bent down, picked her up and leapt onto the plank with her in his arms. She gasped and flung her arms about his neck. He paused, looking down laughingly into her face so close to his.

"I would prolong this delight. Shall we stay suspended here between the boats?"

She blushed, too terrified to withdraw her arms.

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