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Sting of the Scorpion

Untamed: Book 1

Author(s): Kenna Fallon

Kidnapped and delivered into the arms of one shockingly handsome warrior, Aleash could not help but admire the man who proclaimed himself her protector. She outright defies his demands, willfully outwitting him as she tries to escape the increasing desire found within the tender embrace of his arms.

Fearing her heart will be broken if she does not rid herself of his intoxicating presence, Aleash plans her timely escape in hopes to free her soul from the lust she knows will ultimately consume her.

Scorpion is a man who is as dangerous as his name. Enjoying his life of riches and women, he is surprised at the feelings one single hellion can arise in his heart. But he is dealing with no ordinary woman.

Amidst many erotic nights spent within her embrace, Scorpion realizes he must tame the one woman who has taken his heart, branding her as his own. Can she be tamed or will the wild women in her let loose?



He bowed formally before her, allowing his eyes to rake boldly over her luscious form as he came to his full height once again. His gaze dared to issue her a challenge of sensual play, even as he crossed his arms over his solid chest once again. "I am Lord Scorpion and it would seem you are a guest in my castle. Now, my lady, if you would be so kind as to tell me who you are? Or mayhap we could bypass the formalities…and I can take you straight to my bed."

Aleash had never allowed many effects to astonish her, but his words and the mention of who he was, had her mouth hanging open in a state of unbelievable amazement. Had she heard him correctly? She shook her head and closed her mouth, thinking he meant to shock her into silence.

She could play this game as well as any man. "Nice effort, my handsome warrior, but if it is a game of lust you want, then who am I to deny the Scorpion? Your prowess in the art of love is known far and wide in these lands. But I am curious. Is it true that your sex member is as big as I have heard it is? Long, hard and being a true warrior's weapon, giving great pleasure to any woman whom you decide meets your fancy at any given moment?"

It was Scorpion's turn to have his mouth hanging open at her saucy question. He gathered his bearings quickly, giving her a quick grin. "Ah, so I see you want to play, eh? That is fine with me. I love to play with the wenches. And as an answer to your bold inquiry, I must tell you I have never had one complaint from any of my conquests."

"Indeed, I've no reason to doubt your arrogant words, but this wench may not be so willing to give in to your wiles, no matter how handsome you are." She smiled at him as she put the tip of her sword in the tabletop and leaned over the hilt her hands rested upon. She knew she afforded him an excellent view of her breasts which fairly burst out of her tunic right before his ravenous gaze. She nearly laughed in his eager face. "However, I must decline your offer. I was just about to take my leave before you came into the hall. Mayhap some other time, hum?"

Scorpion grinned as the invitation was laid out before him, ripe for the taking. "Fair lady, I may not be willing to let you take leave of my castle until I have tasted your treats, so do not tempt me, my sweet." He gave a short laugh and eyed her with interest. She was truly delectable. "Nay, in fact, I believe I will keep you here with me until which time I decide your…services…are no longer needed."

Scorpion came at her quickly before she could respond in kind at his offhanded remark. He grasped the spitfire around the waist and pulled her into his strong embrace as his lips set hungrily upon hers.

Desire shot through his veins like a driving liquid heat, blazing into his already hard member, encouraging his hard cock to throb with wanting and urgent need. He was on fire with just this simple, single gesture and he could not wait to taste what other tantalizing nectar she held as he delved his tongue into her mouth.

Aleash felt the fire burn into her stomach as his lips touched her own. Scorpion kissed with the expertise she had heard about, but even with that knowledge of him, it still did not prepare her for the pleasure the onslaught of his tongue brought her as it pressed fully into her mouth. Oh, he was skilled in this art of love, she could tell just by how he used his lips to manipulate her into wrapping her arms around his neck and holding tightly, pulling a deep moan of lust from her chest.

His hair felt like silk against her fingertips and his tongue did wonderful things to her insides, making her wish fleetingly it would lave softly over her wet pussy. She felt hot, felt herself spiraling toward a well-known place, liking how he ran his hands along her back to finally cup her bottom with a gently squeezing motion.

She felt him pull her forward into his hard length, his intent obviously stated. A leash found she liked what he did to her; all of it. What woman would not…for this was Lord Scorpion, the most reputed, notorious lover in all the land.

Scorpion heard himself groan with the desire he felt for her as he picked her up into his arms, intending on carrying her to his chamber. However, the voice of his brother interrupted his intent slightly.

"Scorpion! We must speak!"

Scorpion tore his lips from the woman's as she lay weakly in his arms, groaning as she tried to pull his mouth back to her own. He ground his teeth in frustration as his eyes set angrily upon his brother. "Shelif, I am sure that this can wait, brother!"

Shelif the Wolf grinned. "Nay, it can not. We must speak. Now."

Scorpion groaned and slowly slid the woman down the length of his body until her feet touched the floor. Even with his own height, he found that she was a tall woman, coming up to his chin, and her generous breasts pressed lusciously against his chest. Never had a woman teased his senses like this, to the point of madness it seemed, and he found his want of her increased dramatically.

Aleash settled her passion lit gaze upon him with a lure of seduction clearly written in her eyes. She moved the tip of her tongue slowly over her bottom lip in obvious invitation to what she now blatantly offered to him.

The man was just too gorgeous for his own good and now she felt the heat within her belly spiraling lower to entice herself with an image of what he could give to her. She pulled his head slowly back down to her own with a soft moan, anticipating what was to come.


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Date Published: 11/20/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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