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The Swashbuckling Yarn of Milady Vixen

Author(s): Christopher Newman

Pirate, lover and sea fox…Lady Vixen is her name!

Born into royalty, cast out due to a technicality, Violet Cromwell transforms into Milady Vixen, she-pirate extraordinaire! Vixen can only satisfy her hatred, icy as the crushing depths of the ocean, by fulfilling her oath for revenge made at her father’s grave. Along with her first mate, friend and lover Ginger Tom, she leaves a trail of bloody retribution in her wake. But when Milady Vixen becomes involved with a Gastonian marquis who plans on starting a war for profit, will Vixen be out-foxed? Vengeance has a price, and when the butcher’s bill comes due, will Vixen dance the hempen jig—or can her cunning wits save her skin?


We yield!” the first mate said, dropping his cutlass and raising his hands.

Ginger Tom soon joined Violet on the poop; the Marines now lay dead and staring at the sky with unblinking eyes. She noted with a brief moment of sorrow that five of her mates were similarly stretched out upon the gory boards.

Nice fight, aye, Vixen?” Tom chuckled.

Not bad, but the cowards surrendered too quickly for my taste,” she commented with a snarl.

You are quite a mistress of battle—like some pagan goddess.”

M-Milady Vixen?” the captive said in astonishment.

What did you call me?” she growled.

He said,” Tom repeated, “Milady Vixen. And by the blood spilt, no better nickname could you own.”

Milady Vixen,” she said with a smile. “I could take to the sound of that.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615723799
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 05/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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