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Wild Lilly

Willow Creek Series - Book 1

Author(s): Ann Mayburn

Connecticut socialite Lilly Brooks intends to fulfill a childhood dream when she inherits a huge tract of land in Caldwell, Kansas in 1876. She travels there in search of the romance and excitement of the Wild West. She finds her excitement—in the form of angry Indians, smelly dogs, and drunk cowboys who won't take no for an answer. Romance comes in the form of a ruggedly handsome rancher named Paul McGregor who could devastate her chastity with just a glance of his faded blue eyes. Too bad he calls her a whore within the first minute of their acquaintance.

Paul has spent three years trying to hold his family and his ranch together after the death of his parents. When he saves a stunning blonde, wearing a scandalous dress that only a soiled dove would own, from a group of drunken ranch hands, he tries to do the right thing and get her work at a good saloon. He soon finds out the woman whose favors he would love to buy is the heiress who owns the land that is the key to his family's financial future, not the prostitute he thought she was. Paul decides to use his best weapon to win Lilly over and get her property: seduction.

A wicked cattle baron wants her land as well and will kill anyone who stands between him and what he wants. Paul will have to decide what he wants more, the woman or her land.




He moved against her, a long hard line of muscle that radiated heat even through her robe. She could smell the beer on his breath and the hint of smoke in his hair.

“You’ve been drinking! Mr. McGregor, if you don’t leave this room right now, I’ll be forced to have the hotel kick you out.” She rushed past him and he moved to block the door with his arms crossed over his broad chest.


“No? Who do you think you are to tell me no? This is my room!” The metal tub stood between them now. She tried to keep her robe closed as it flapped open over her legs.

“No, I’m not leaving.” He pursued her, pulling off his leather vest and beginning to unbutton his shirt. She licked her lips in a nervous gesture. “I don’t like you anymore, Paul. Can’t you understand that?” The lie hung in the air between them and even she didn’t believe it.

“No.” He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing one inch of hard flesh at a time until the shirt hung fully open, revealing the cut sections of his abs and the hard mass of his pectorals. She froze and stared at the solid wall of muscle that was his chest. His hard nipples, tight and tempting, begged to be licked.

She backed away and found herself trapped between the nightstand and the wall. He closed the distance between them with a long stride and placed his hands on either side of her. She wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in the world.

He slowly leaned toward her, the smell of beer and his masculine scent seducing her. Heat filled her core as her treacherous hands ran up his rib cage and over the top of his ridged stomach. His skin was so smooth, stretched over the hard muscle.

He watched her as she explored him, keeping his big arms flexed on either side of her. “You’re right, Lilly. You don’t like me.”

Before she could say anything else, he leaned in and whispered against her lips. “You love me.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-141-5
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 11/11/2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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