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Dark Side of the Moon

Author(s): Michele Mirabile

On the eve of her twenty-sixth birthday, Breezy Bailey’s life is shattered by the murder of her best friend, and the realization that she, herself, is a monster, a freak of nature that changes form in moonlight. As the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, she is a she-wolf, a great white wolf whose destiny is the pursuit and destruction of the dark ones. But Breezy doesn’t want the gift of eternal life or a pedigree that dates back to medieval times. She only wants a second chance with the man she loves. But can love really conquer all? And can she survive her new-found destiny long enough to find out?


The moon cast a pale red haze over the valley, and drew me to her bosom like a suckling child. It held an added air of exigency that held me spellbound. I yearned to breathe deep of piney boughs, quench my thirst at mountain springs, and race naked through moonlit meadows.
I whirled around, sprinted down the stairs and out to the lawn that lay moist and springy beneath my feet. The cool mountain air was an elixir to my aching lungs, and the pond a slab of scarlet glass that glistened in the midnight sun.
Through the meadow I ran. Through wildflowers and into the bracken that lined the forest floor. Branches tore at my face, clutched at my bedclothes. I burst into a clearing, a cathedral of shadows with a moonlight canopy, and still the night called my name.
Into the thicket I raced swift and hard, loping with powerful strides deeper, farther into the forest. With every step through the spongy loam my senses grew stronger and more precise. I could smell the blood of a fresh kill, the putrefied remains of a carcass, and the fear of prey at my approach. I was the apex hunter, and this was my territory.
Faster I ran – even when I realized with a sickening jolt that the nightmare I’d been running from my entire life was happening here and now, in the very woods in which I’d run as a child. And it was too late to stop the change.
Without reason or warning, and with no more discomfort than a runner stretching her muscles, my body shifted into a vessel of strength and power that surpassed all understanding.
Grasping, clawing, seizing the soil for leverage, I shot through the forest, my lithe taut body moving with
superhuman strength. The wind whipped past my face, carrying the scent of elk grazing in the high meadow; a moose struggling at the mouth of the river, lame and ineffectual with age and disease.

On an outcropping of rocks that overlooked the river, I shook the remains of my pajamas from my shaggy flanks, and in my new found form of a great white wolf, I howled at the full red moon.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728428
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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