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International Harvester

Author(s): Matt Erickson

Small sacrifices are acceptable if they serve the greater good.What is the life of one when compared to the salvation of many, Phillip Gant asks, visualizing himself as a savior, a giver of life, a god. The decorated pilot roams New York stalking and abducting his prey. He harvests his victims and flies their organs to Canada. Upon returning home he sinks the deceased in watery graves, but first he claims his prize. Handsome and charismatic, Gant adds another disciple to his congregation of adoring worshippers. Who can stop the International Harvester?


I dare not damage the face, oh no, no, no, not this beautiful face, he thought. With his left hand he gently opened her mouth and wedged the nail gun into it with his right hand. To avoid tearing the flesh of her lips he wiggled the gun in as gently as possible, he needed a contact point to engage the firing mechanism. As luck had it Stadtler had a slightly larger mouth than most women. Aiming the gun up at a seventy-five degree angle, the blonde man made contact with the roof of her mouth, the gun’s battery whirred to life. Checking the angle one last time to be sure that the shot was true he pulled the trigger. Whoosh! The nail discharged, shot up through the roof of the woman’s mouth and pierced her temporal and parietal lobes before lodging securely in the top of her skull. Stadtler’s body convulsed straight and then lay limp. A gush of blood pulsed from her nose while a torrent filled her gaping mouth and overflowed down her neck and over her shoulders. That’s it, no pain at all. He adjusted the autopsy table to a seven degree angle thereby allowing him to work on an almost level plane while the blood and other fluids drained into the blood gutters and pooled within the reservoirs.
The blonde man selected a scalpel from the instrument tray and opened Stadtler up with a neat Y-incision exposing her sternum and ribcage. He then picked up the bone saw and placed its blade directly upon the first rib beneath the clavicle on the woman’s left side. With each descending rib he cut under the arm and toward the back, as far away from the vital organs as possible. Tiny shards of bone, bits of flesh and flecks of blood jumped from the blade sprinkling her face in a grotesque mist of gore. The blonde man was lean, but exceedingly strong. With the ribcage severed as he wanted he reached down and seized the sternum in his right hand and pulled it free from the body, sinews and cartilage snapping, in a single piece. He placed it at Stadtler’s lifeless feet.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727568
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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