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Midnight and other stories of lost souls

Author(s): Nicholas Cook

The night has a music of its own.  Sometimes, terrible and dark; other times, full of revelation and unexpected beauty.  In this collection, you will find both cosmic terrors and horrors of the mind and heart.  You may even find the answers to questions you never wanted to ask.  Listen…can you hear the music of the night calling you?


In his dream, an endless stretch of dark green jungle.  And within the dense weave of tree and roiling gray sky, a vast creature of unimaginable size and ferocity squatted.  Its great clawed hands swept through the jungle's achromatic depths, snatching up handfuls of terrified Indians, stuffing them kicking and screaming into its cavernous maw.  Bits of human offal dripped from its broken and yellow teeth.  Its eyes rolled in bestial ecstasy.

A black skinned woman rose from the trees, her eyes white and furious.  Forster recognized her from native artistic renderings- Kali, the goddess of death- as she stretched her many arms high into the air and smashed at the great hungry beast.  The monster howled, toppling trees, shaking the world with its anger and pain.  It fought back, pushing Kali away.  Defeated, she fell back into the jungle depths, an enigmatic smile blossoming like a malefic flower on her awful lips.

The dream began to recede.  Forster's last vision, as the jungle ebbed away like ocean waves, was of a man, his clothes threadbare and torn, face emaciated with hunger and poverty.  The skeletal man reached into the place where Kali had sunk and retrieved a yellow and red scarf.  His dark hands began to twist the near transparent material into an unbreakable taut knot, pulling the folds tighter and tighter around his thin fingers.

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ISBN (Print): 978161572-1825
ISBN (Electronic): 978161572-1818
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2010
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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