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The Lost Village

Author(s): Mark Edward Hall

Washed up the shore of a creepy New England town, over run with blood thirsty werewolves, and vampires, Kia is running for her life. Set on her path by a strangely beautiful woman, the last six months of her life is all she knows. Tracking down a nomadic vampire for information and help, Kia runs into trouble in a dark alley. Her savior, Tristan dispatches a worthy foe, but has no clue what hell do or how far hell go to keep her safe.


It has started. A female voice drifted into her subconscious. That is good. The male voice answered. Now we must change her, confine her. Change her into one of us. She must be a part of us all before we can drain her. Kia couldn't believe what they were discussing. Mentally eavesdropping, her horror grew with each unspoken word that passed between the Elders. She must be at the highest part of her ascension for us to consume her. But slowly, ever so slowly to make sure we get every succulent drop. To feast on her very tasty flesh and gorge on her blood will be a delicacy. The damn Lycans have scarred her, but no matter she will taste good nonetheless. We must have her, she must be ours. The eerie voices said in unison. Kias eyes darted around franticly. Tristan made no reaction at the plans the Elders had for her. He cant hear them! Holy shit! Are they talking about eating my flesh? Consuming me? No one is draining me! I gotta get the hell out of here. I mean right now. Quickly scanning her surroundings, she mentally worked out her plan of escape. Tristan saw her glancing around but tried not to make note of it. Tristan, you have done a wonderful job. You may leave her with us now. You will be greatly rewarded.Rewarded? That betraying bastard. I knew he was hiding something from me. This was his plan all along to hand me over to these blood-draining freaks. Anger boiled her blood. Tristan smiled at her as if saying good-bye. She forced her burning emotion to beam brightly from her eyes, screaming at him. As he walked casually towards the door a heavy feeling crossed her chest. She stood unfazed listening to his departing footsteps. As he got closer to the door she pushed her screaming thoughts into his head. Theyre going to FUCKING eat me, you dirty son of a bitch! Youre truly going to leave me to this fate?! As Tristans hand slowly turned the knob, he bowed his head contemplating his very destiny. He reached into his coat to pull out his silver 9m guns, and flipped off the safety locks.Get down! he yelled, moving swiftly towards her.

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ISBN (Print): 978161572-1863
ISBN (Electronic): 978161572-1856
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 09/01/2010
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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