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It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

Author(s): Judith Leigh

"Kacey Michaels has never taken a risk in her whole life. Now she is not only leaving her home, but also moving to an entirely different state. With the help of a local woman, she is able to find a job. Yet, something is still missing in her life. Is her boss in Mistletoe, Nick Klaus the answer?" "Ms. Leigh is able to make her characters seem to jump of the pages. I hoped Kacey would get through all her issues. She needs contentment in her life. I completely fell in love with this story."


Klaus' Toys was fifteen minutes from the diner. Kacey pulled into the driveway that led to a large, red warehouse.A quick glance into the rearview mirror at her unruly red hair, brought a pang of disgust that she hadn't had it cut. If she was going to make a change to her life, she could have made a change to her looks, too. Oh well, a little late to think about it now. She gave it a slight fluff, reapplied lipstick, then climbed out of the car. She pulled her sweater down over her jeans until it covered her hips. Grabbing her purse, she shut the car door and took a deep breath. This is it, Kasey. The first day of the rest of your life.

She stepped inside the front door, where a desk with papers littered across it appeared abandoned. The telephone on it rang and went unanswered, even after twenty rings. When she could no longer stand the constant noise, she grabbed the phone. "Um, Klaus' Toys, may I help you?"

"I've been trying to get hold of Nick. Is he there?"

"He's been called away from the office. If you'll leave me your name and number, I'll make sure he gets right back to you."

"Just tell him Hank called. He'll know what its about."

"I'll do that. Thank you for calling Klaus' Toys."

* * *

Nick opened the door to his office and froze. One beautiful woman leaned over his desk with the phone receiver tucked under her chin. She wrote something on one of his pink message slips before ending the call in a most professional manner. His prayers had been answered, and then some! The emerald green sweater she wore showed off her shapely curves and beautiful red hair.

"You're hired!"

The woman spun to face him. An angel if ever he'd seen one.

"Your phone was ringing and I didn't see anyone around. Did youjust say I'm hired?"

"Sure did, assuming you want to work for Klaus' Toys."

"Yes, I do, although you aren't exactly how I pictured a man named Nick Klaus."

He gave her his most charming grin. "Let me guess. You were looking for a long white beard, a red suit, and a very rounded tummy."

* * *

She smiled as she walked over to shake his hand. "At least you have on a red shirt." When he returned the handshake, Kacey gazed into a beautiful set of turquoise eyes that nearly made her forget he was her new employer. "Kacey Michaels. Hannah sent me over from the diner."

"I'll have to remember to thank Hannah. Things have been hectic here, as you probably noticed. I know it's presumptuous, but can you start today?"

"Sure." She swallowed, trying to ignore how well the red flannel hugged his muscles. "B-but don't I need to fill out an application or something? Or don't you want to do a background check?"

"Hannah's instincts have always been right in the past. If she sent you here, I trust her judgment. And tax withholding forms and payroll enrollment are set up in computer files. Fill them out when you have the time."

"Great, I'll handle that as soon as I figure out your filing and can clear some room on the desk."

"Sorry for the mess. Haven't had any help for quite a while. And I'm sorry I wasn't here when you arrived. I ran to the store for coffee earlier. I can't get through the day without my caffeine."

Kacey chuckled. "Know the feeling. If you'd like, I can make coffee for you so you can get back to work."

"That would be great. The coffee machine is over there on the counter along the wall. I'll be in the other room if you need me."

"What do you take in your coffee?"

"Black with two packets of sugar."

"Oh, I almost forgot." She handed him the message slip. "Hank called for you. He said you'd know why."

"He's looking for the box of toys I was supposed to deliver. I need to get those to him now."

"Coffee will be waiting on you when you get back." Kacey smiled.

"You're going to be an asset to this place, Miss Michaels, especially with those pretty green eyes." He winked at her as he disappeared into the warehouse. "Be back shortly."

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Genre: Inspirational
Date Published: 12/01/2007

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