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Author(s): Cricket Sawyer

Angeni sings her songs with a passion that melts men's hearts, especially Kaus' when he discovers a voice like angels singing at an out of the way Casino. He is immediately on a mission to capture her heart and make her his. She sees him as arrogant, head strong and not her type. Why does he warm her center with the slightest glance in her direction? Angeni is a fledgling shape shifter who can transport herself when she shifts into her spider form. She finds controlling anything around Kaus is nearly impossible.

When her lecherous Casino boss breaks into her house one night, she flees into the woods, only to be run down by a large wolf. Fearing for her life, she soon discovers that the wolf meant her no harm. However the next day, she discovers the intruder dead, torn apart by a large animal.

Remembering the wolf she encountered in the woods last night, he haunts her mind. His eyes, they look familiar where has she seen them before?



She felt his request more like a directive than a request. He made it sound like she didn't dare refuse. Of course, she had no intentions of refusing. Kaus intrigued her…something told her this was no ordinary man. Could she trust herself to go with him with the feelings she had churning inside her? The turmoil of her insides made no sense to her. A dinner invitation was an easily controlled situation. She reached for air—"I…I…" Nothing would form in her mind. Tongue tied, immature, and stupid, breathe, she chastised herself. Her head swirling with the lack of air or the stress of Kaus so close—the room—the exhaustion from her already full day.

Seeming to sense her hesitation he added, "You can pick the spot if that'll help your decision to be favorable to my request."

He stood so close his hot breath brushed across her cheek. A slight hint of Sen Sen lingered with it. The smell of him in the tiny enclosure wafted past her nostrils, earthy, spicy suggesting virility and adventure. Angeni swallowed the lump of desire in her throat. "Yes, oh sure—anywhere is fine. I don't have a favorite place. The restaurant here has excellent food," she fired staccato bursts, short impatient sentences that sounded crass and rude or nervous and school-girlish. She felt another blush color her cheeks. The palms of her hands began to sweat. "I mean I'd love to have dinner with you." She said trying to control her voice as it modulated between warm, curious, and frightened embarrassment.

Kaus smiled a devastating smile, "I'll wait in the lounge. My usual table," he said with a wink that sent the butterflies a swirl again in her stomach.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-278-8
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 01/01/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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