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Another Snowbound Christmas

Snowbound Series: Book 7

Author(s): Veronica Tower

Christmas Eve is the first anniversary of the day Ron and Kara met—snowed in at an airport in Newark, New Jersey. It should be a day of sweet romance and intimate discoveries recapturing the excitement which launched their relationship.
Instead they are dealing with the almost in-laws. Ron’s family is crazy. His father hates women in general and his mother hates Kara. To make matters worse, Kara’s mother isn’t much better. She’s invited Kara’s old boyfriend to join them for Christmas dinner in the hope that she can convince her daughter to leave Ron and go back to him.
Can Kara and Ron’s love survive the stress of their dysfunctional relatives? Or will Another Snowbound Christmas be their last?
“How do I look?” Kara asked as she finally set her lipstick down on the vanity and turned to face her patiently waiting boyfriend. He looked sharp in his dark sports jacket and white dress shirt with the top unbuttoned. Kara hoped he’d think she looked hot as well.
Ron took his time examining her, his clear blue eyes appreciatively covering every inch of her dark body. “Perfect!” he assured her making no effort to suppress his approving grin. Then he moved in to kiss her, his pale hands catching hers and pulling Kara up to her feet so that his mouth could zero in on her newly glossed lips.
Laughing with pleasure at his response, Kara still turned her face away. “Wait a minute,” she protested. “You can’t kiss me now! I just spent more than forty minutes making myself beautiful.”
“No you didn’t,” Ron corrected her. He pulled her body up next to his, powerful arms encircling her waist before his right hand slipped lower so that his fingers sent a delicious trill of pleasure shuddering through her body as he squeezed her ass through her dark green holiday dress.
“Oooo, that’s nice,” she murmured as she snuggled deeper into his embrace. Her breasts flattened against his chest as she slipped her arms around his neck. It felt good to be so close to him, molding her body against her boyfriend’s hard flesh, but it also had the advantage of making it more difficult for Ron to smudge her lipstick. One of her younger lover’s failings—if failing was really the right word—was that he wanted her all the time and wasn’t nearly as concerned as she was over the impact his ardor might have on their outward appearance. Then his words penetrated the comfortable warm aura of contentment his arms generated within her. “What do you mean: No, you didn’t? I just spent most of an hour at that little table.”
Ron didn’t answer her. Instead he nuzzled the side of her neck as his fingers continued to rhythmically explore the cheek of her ass, first squeezing then relaxing his grip, only to scrumptiously squeeze her rear end again.
Kara closed her eyes and surrendered to the sensation, relaxing against him, allowing his strong arms to more fully support her while she road the pleasurable tremors quivering through her body. Ron’s hand on her rear subtly encouraged her to rotate her hips just enough so that she could lift her knee beneath her dress and press herself against his upper thigh, just below his hip.
The contact intensified with the tiny jolts of pleasure his fingers were already shooting through her body, centering them on her groin. In a distant part of her mind, she remembered her question. “What do you mean–”
“You’re already perfect,” he muttered. “Makeup is just a pretty mask.” His lips moved to her throat, hungrily sucking at the pulse just beneath her brown flesh.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0129-5
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 12/17/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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