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Another Snowbound New Year

Snowbound Series: Book 8

Author(s): Veronica Tower

Thea doesn’t remember how she let her cousin, Kara, convince her to go out with her on New Year’s Eve. The weather looks terrible and her mother is up in arms over their plan to ring in the New Year at a local bar. It would have been so much easier to cancel the plans and stay in for the night as she’s done every year since she moved in with Mom to take care of her. So why is she out now while the snow begins to fall drinking beer and playing pool with her cousin? And why does she keep making excuses to talk to the bartender with the long blonde hair and the dreamy blue eyes? Could he really be interested in a woman more than ten years older than him? If the snow keeps falling, she may just build up enough nerve to find out.
“But Thea,” her mother complained, “it’s already begun snowing. Don’t you think it’s time to call off this foolishness?”
Thea wished she could simply ignore her mother, but even after thirty-eight years she hadn’t figured out how to do that. She picked up Hendrix and occupied her hands stroking the cat’s sleek black fur.
“The snow is not that bad yet,” she defended herself. “And Kara says Ron’s jeep has four-wheel drive.”
“But it’s just not necessary,” her mother protested. “You never go out on New Year’s Eve! It’s bad enough that we had to drive in the snow on Christmas. Do you plan to go out every time the roads get icy now?”
Thea just kept petting Hendrix. “The snow is just a coincidence,” she told her mother. “And I would think you’d be happy I was spending some time with Kara. Think of all the gossip I’ll be able to give you after spending the evening with her and Ron.”
“Spending the evening drinking in some tavern,” her mother complained. Mom was good at disapproving. It was something she had in common with Aunt Margaret.
“Yes,” she conceded, “it is very likely that we’ll be drinking. It is New Year’s Eve after all.”
“That’s no excuse!” her mother said. A fervent gleam in her eye warned Thea that she was about to extol the virtues of abstinence.
“Alcohol,” she began, “is the root of all evil.”
The doorbell rang.
Oh thank God! Thea thought. She dropped Hendrix down beside Aretha and hurried to the front door. “One moment, Mom,” she said. “That’s probably them.”
“Who else would it be?” her mother called after her. “Or is there someone else invited on this evening out that you haven’t told me about?  A man, perhaps? Someone you’re hiding from me?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0145-5
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 12/29/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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