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Christmas Wagers

Author(s): Veronica Tower

Kerry and Glen had been friends forever. Everyone knew that he was in love with her, but what exactly were Kerry's feelings toward Glen? A week before Christmas, on the cusp of a massive snow storm, Kerry's girlfriends decide its time to force her to find out--and the picture they paint is far less flattering than suppressed love or hidden desire. They argue Kerry's been using Glen all of these years and sabotaging his potential relationships, and they are so certain they're right that they're willing to wager Kerry will do anything to keep Glen from falling for one of them.

Will the days before Christmas bring Kerry's season of giving or a knock down drag out fight to hold on to what she has? The answer to that question will depend upon a few Christmas Wagers.



"We're getting side-tracked," Cookie noted, "and Glen's finally reached the bar. So let's be crystal clear about what we're talking about. You're sure you wouldn't mind if Glen started dating some other woman — really got into her — say Fawn, or Angela, or even me."

"If you really think you have a chance, then go for it," Kerry said. The whole idea felt utterly ridiculous. Glen would never go anywhere near Cookie again.

"And it wouldn't bother you at all?" Cookie asked.

"Not in the slightest," Kerry insisted.

"I think you'll do anything to keep Glen wrapped around your finger. I think that even though you don't actually want him you'll do anything to keep other women away — even sleep with him, if that's what it takes."

"You're crazy," Kerry said.

"Care to prove it?"


"Yes, how?" Fawn asked.

"Hmmm, that's a tough one," Cookie said. "After all, you know I'm not really interested in him, so even if I fuck his brains out you know I won't take him away."

The thought of Cookie successfully seducing Glen after their last experience still seemed utterly ridiculous. "As if you could."

"Oh, I can," Cookie assured her. "We all know I can!"

"Not in a million years," Kerry predicted.

"Now that's something we can definitely prove," Cookie said, "and it won't even take a lot of time." She rubbed her hands together in anticipation. "My plane leaves for Orlando Saturday night. That's two days from now. I'll bet you I can fuck Glen before I leave."

"In just two days?" Kerry asked. "He hates you, Cookie."

"A hundred bucks says he'll fuck me anyway," Cookie said. She appeared completely indifferent to whether Glen loved or hated her.

"This is getting interesting," Angela said. "Can I get in on this? I can use some extra money."

Angela's offer took Kerry by surprise. Angela teased Glen quite a bit, but she wasn't as cruel and in your face about it as Cookie. She might actually have a chance of seducing him. Still, in two days? Surely Kerry could keep Glen pure for two days. "On the same terms as Cookie?"

"One hundred bucks if I fuck him before his plane leaves," Angela agreed.

"Do you want in too, Fawn?" Cookie asked.

Fawn pulled back in horror, making the other three women laugh.

"So how is this going to work?" Angela asked. "Do you want genuine cock and pussy sex or is oral just as good?"

Kerry still found the idea ridiculous. "I'm feeling generous. Let's say it doesn't matter so long as Glen cums and you, personally, make it happen. No phone sex, no letting him masturbate, you personally make him shoot off his rocks."

"He's here," Fawn quietly observed.

"Sorry it took so long," Glen said as he started passing out the drinks. "It's a madhouse up there and anyone who didn't sport a Cookie-sized pair of tits had to wait forever."

Cookie ignored Glen's comment. "So how are we going to decide the winner?"

"Let's let Fawn judge," Kerry suggested. "You can both bring your evidence Saturday morning to my place."

"What's Fawn judging?" Glen asked.

"Evidence?" Angela queried.

"Pictures, movies, something indisputable," Kerry affirmed.

There was no way that she could lose this bet.

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