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Eligible Bachelors

Reality With a Twist Series

Author(s): Kindle Alexander

Can you start over based on a lie?

Alexa had a chance to live a dream when she was chosen by the popular television show Eligible Bachelors to date twenty guys. All vying for her attention, and pledging their undying love for her. Unfortunately, it was all lies.

Christian entered the show as a dare but as soon as he met Alexa it became real to him. How could he convince her he was falling in love with her when everything else was a lie?

“Well folks we’re down to the final four, otherwise dubbed the Fab Four by you, the fans. Congratulations fellas. You all are really going to have to bring it.”

The host, Raymond Door’s, voice droned on and on but all Christian could think of was that he was among the four, out of the twenty, guys who had started this adventure two months ago.  He’d entered the show on a dare but from the moment he’d met Alexa it had become more than that.  The game was now one of high stakes for a woman he was falling in love with, but who might also be falling in love with three other men.  And those three might have an advantage over him because he hadn’t been quite honest with her about who he really was.  But damn it, he wanted a woman to want him, for who he was, not the material things his wealth could offer her.  Alexa seemed to be such a woman.

The woman never far from his thoughts, moved toward them hugging and kissing each man quickly as she got to them.  He stood at the end so she got to him last.  “Thank you for staying and continuing to play with me.”  Then she kissed him, but unlike the others, this was no brief meeting of lips.  The caress of her tongue against his own ignited his blood and he answered her in kind.  A firm grip on his shoulder had him raising his head to glare at his number one rival, Blay Lachenby, the bastard.  Alexa pulled away laughing but he shrugged out of the other mans hold.
“Touch me like that again,” he whispered, “and lose that goddamn arm.”

Blay just grinned and moved over to Alexa who had just turned to grab a couple of Champagne glasses from a tray.  “To us,” Blay said taking one out of her hand and tapping it to hers, doing his damndest to make the action a private moment.  But Alexa offered the glass in her hand to Peter and another to Reese.  Then finally one to him.

“To us,” she said raising her glass high in the air including all the men, and everyone clicked glasses.

No sooner had she finished her sip, Blay grabbed her elbow leading her away from the group.  Damn, Christian hoped that even if she didn’t choose him she didn’t pick that prick, Blay.  He was so wrong for her on so many levels.  From day one Blay never liked him; the feeling was mutual.  They’d come close to exchanging blows a couple times, but Christian wouldn’t allow the man to turn the competition into a backyard brawl.

One of the guys to leave, Dexter, had been his roommate at the house and had tried to warn Alexa about Blay.  The man was not as he appeared to her.  Blay had a mean vindictive side. Well that had gone down real well. He drained his glass.  Dexter had been sent home in this go around.  Now he was glad he’d kept his mouth shut.  He frowned.  Frankly, if Blay was the type of man Alexa wanted maybe she wasn’t the right woman for him after all.  Blay was always bragging about his family’s commercial construction company.  The bastard dressed like he came from money, but there was just something about him that seemed off.  Hard. Fake.  Who was he to judge?  He picked up another glass from a tray.  He hadn’t been exactly honest either from the start.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0209-4
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 07/26/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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