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Forever Tonight

Author(s): Tara Newlands

In a world gone mad, love was the only thing that mattered. Can love keep them together, with hope ringing eternally?

Ann Kipley lives in a world devoid of hope until she discovers a love to sustain her during humankind’s darkest hour. Seattle in 2013 has become a partial militarized zone called "Redclass", after humankind is enslaved by an alien force from the stars. The poor, the unwanted and those still willing to fight mankind’s alien oppressors have been detained there.

Ann’s plaid lonely life is forever changed when a chance encounter with a rebel leader leads her to conflict and love. Brian Williams is a man determined to overthrow the Red class’s alien masters and avenge love lost. His determination leads him to Ann and their lives entwine in ways neither could have dreamt possible.

Yet, when tragedy strikes, will Ann's hope transcend the darkness or will her life forever be night?



"You've got to help me." He'd told Ann after she discovered him on the grounds of the community building. He’d been hiding under the cover of dense bushes directly across from the empty parking lot of the building she worked in. He was trying hard to blend into a cramped landscape of the sharp thorny bushes. Brian's hazel eyes had been determined yet, pleading as he’d gazed at her.

"I can't help you."

He'd grasped her hand as she tried to turn away and she gazed down at him. She hadn't been able to look away from the mute appeal in them. They'd been round with tension, but still lit with hope.

"If you don't help me, it's all over for me and thousands of others."

He'd sunk back behind the bushes then as a military policeman ran up to her. Her heart had almost stopped with fright and began to beat triple time as the frowning policeman had drawn near.

"Miss, why haven't you left this area?"

Ann had gazed at the ground as she tried to think of a suitable excuse. "Please forgive me, sir. I was just searching for my car keys."

The guard grunted and gave a slight laugh, "Well, get going. I have more important things to do than wait with a Redclasser to find her car keys. The traitor, Brian Williams, is hiding somewhere on these grounds. We intend to find him."

Ann walked toward her car, unlocked the rusty door and glanced back to find the young man still there under the cover of the bushes gazing at her as the guard drifted away. She had slowly sat down behind the wheel of her rambler and started its old engine. Pulling out of the parking space and with a decision made she'd pulled up alongside the building and quickly opened the door. A flood of relief covered the young man's face as he shot into the car beside her and ducked down.

"Thank you."

Ann drove with shaky hands out of the parking lot, urging him to hide under the thick covering of a blanket she'd bought the night before. They slowly drifted past shouting guard units and onto the open road.

When they were well out of the danger zone, Brian slowly sat up in the seat. Tension was pouring from him in waves and he expelled a harsh breath. "I know this is going to be hard for you. I need your help again. I'm Brian Williams and I need a place to hide until this blows over."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-167-5
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 06/02/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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