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Joy's Valentine

Author(s): Destiny Wallace

Joy and Eli’s story continues.  Their whirlwind European holiday romance has been brought back to the real world.  Joy can’t shut out her family any longer now that she’s back in the country. 

Just as she’s starting to doubt the viability of a real relationship with Eli, he whisks her away on a Valentine’s Day vacation and decisions about their future.
“Are you kidding me? You’re a perfect fit. You’re soft, and sweet.” He slipped his hand under her sweater and brushed his fingers over her bare skin. He stopped at her bra hooks and changed direction, moving down again to touch her stomach and then up to cup her breast. “You have an infectious giggle, a beautiful smile, and you don’t smear makeup all over my pillows.”

Joy’s breath came in harsh gasps as he touched her. “So one of my most attractive features is the fact that I don’t wear makeup?”

Eli nodded. “That…and there’s that patch of freckles right here.” He tickled her gently below her left breast. Joy giggled and tried to wrestle his hand out of her clothes. “Don’t forget about the butterfly tattoo right here,” he said touching the spot on her hip he’d kissed many times.

Joy’s eyes widened. His fingers were trying to unbutton her jeans. She yelped and backed away from him. “If you meet my mother, don’t tell her about that.”

Eli’s green eyes went perfectly round. “I think you mean when…and did I discover your dirty little secret?”

“No!” Joy exclaimed, “I just haven’t told her…yet.”

Eli stepped away from her and chuckled, a low rumbling sound that made her ache to have his hands on her again.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0264-3
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 02/14/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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