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Love Among the Thorns

Author(s): Empress LaBlaQue

Celeste Vincent is an admirable wife and mother. When she comes home early she finds her husband making love to his best friend, Clint. Jeff has always been a family first man and feels he has brought shame upon his family. Now, he is tormented, there's no way out. When Jeff goes missing the search is on.



Jeff and Clint were the best of buddies. There was nothing they wouldn't do for each other. They loved spending time at Clint's lodge. A peaceful day of hunting or fishing, always made Jeff glow. Nothing could have made me believe that Clint was not the ideal friend for Jeff. Clint, although quite handsome, remained single and unattached. The two were avid sports fans and took the kids to most sporting events. They were a team; eager to take on any task I asked of them. They'd do anything to be in each other's company.

One morning, after breakfast, Jeff announced that he and Clint were going fishing for the weekend. Although, I adored Clint, I had to attend a very important seminar in Dayton. It was imperative that Jeff stay with the kids. This time, Jeff was unusually persistent about going to the lake. Finding another sitter was out of the question, but Jeff didn't seem to understand. "But Jeff, Honey," I pleaded, almost unacknowledged. "This seminar is very important. It could mean a raise for me. Can't you and Clint go fishing next weekend?"

As usual, Jeff was cleaning up after breakfast. On hearing my reply, he paused, his large round eyes held a pleading stare. When he saw I was not buying his exaggerated expression, he shrugged then continued to place the milk in the refrigerator. Standing upright, he bantered playfully, "Ah, come on, Celeste. I promise this will be the last trip until deer season. Come on, please—please—please," he whined. His dark brown eyes squinted into a pitiful frown.

I could never resist Jeff's humor. So, I fixed a smile across my lips. "No," I teased. "Not this time."

Jeff balked. "But Clint will be expecting me, Sweetheart." He reached for the butter and started to place it on the shelf in the refrigerator. "Baby, Fannie could keep the kids this time. She loves the kids!"

I was lightly amused by my husband's whimsical absurdity. I smiled, and again... "No," I insisted. "Clint won't mind this time."

All of a sudden, Jeff grew a bit impatient. "Crap, Celeste. Fannie can keep the damn kids!'

Shocked that Jeff would become angry enough to swear, I stopped sweeping. He hardly ever used profanity, especially after the kids were born. He usually had a happy-go-lucky attitude. I was appalled, but answered with a firm, "No, Jeff!" I couldn't believe he had become so incensed. "Fannie's children are visiting from out of town. She will want to spend time with them."

Jeff almost threw himself down on the chair at the breakfast table. He was disappointed, and it showed. Although I felt his frustration, I couldn't give in.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-481-2
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 11/26/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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