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Love Lost and Found

Author(s): Mildred Trent

Is it possible to find the love of your life, lose them, and then find them again? Priscilla had to ask herself that question. She’d fallen in love with Travis and thought her life would be the perfect fairytale. But, as we know, all fairytales don’t have a perfect ending.

Priscilla has to grow and learn that when you have a good thing, never take it for granted because you can find yourself in the love lost and found.

We’d been separated two months when I got a call from one of his squad mates telling me he was in the hospital. Travis had put his hand through a racket ball court window and messed up the tendons in his wrist. I panicked. I packed a few things and made my way back to the city he was stationed, thank GOD it was only three hours away, and got to the hospital.

When I walked in the hospital room, Travis was laying there, arm bandaged up in traction, asleep. He woke when his father, who had made the trip with me, and I walked in the room. The tears began flowing and my heart sank. I walked over to him and just held him as we both cried our eyes out.

His father walked to the other side of the bed and placed a hand on each of us. When we stopped crying, his father said, “You two need to get your shit together and stop all this foolishness. Any fool can see how in love you are. You are only making yourselves and each other miserable.”

He was right, of course, and Travis and I promised to do better. His father left after about two hours. Travis asked the nurse that came in to check on him if he could get a shower. She went to check with the doctor then came back with a plastic bag. She wrapped the plastic bag around his arm and we went to the shower. I stood on the outside of the stall trying to wash him but only managed to soak myself instead. Taking off my clothes, I got in with him and bathed him from head to toe. Of course, by the time I’d reached his dick, it was hard as steel.

Why not? It’d been a while and I really did miss him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0169-1
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 03/08/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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