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Love Rehab

Author(s): Theresa Scott

A woman scorned, Larissa Worth wants only to stay away from Rex Delacroix, the man who broke her heart ten lonely years ago. But when he saves the daughter she loves, Larissa is forced to face the past she'd thought she'd buried.

When Rex walked out of Larissa's life ten years ago, he'd had troubles of his own. But when he meets Larissa again, he realizes not only that he still loves her, but that he must make amends for the damage he'd caused. 

Together, will Larissa and Rex begin the delicate walk that will either lead to healing their lives and hearts, or separate them forever?



Stand up for a minute, he said.

She unwound her lithe frame from the chair and stood. She was about two inches shorter than he was when they were both in bare feet. What is it? she asked again.

He gazed into her eyes, leaned forward and gently touched her lips with his. She responded with more ardor than hed expected. Aha! They kissed for several more minutes, then he swung her up into his arms. At her surprised glance, he said, Im concerned about hypothermia. Very concerned. 

And with that terse, succinct explanation, he carried her down the hall to the guest bedroom. As they passed the dryer, he reached over and turned the dial so that the clothes would dry for a longer spell. He continued carrying her down the hall. When they reached the guest bedroom, he pushed the door open with his foot, entered, then kicked it closed and carried her over to the bed. He placed her on it, and fell onto the bed beside her. He tore off his robe and threw it on the floor. Then he pulled open her robe and stared down at her breasts.

She put one arm under her head and smiled lazily up at him. The movement left one breast laid out invitingly to him and he succumbed.

You certainly take your concern to extreme measures, Doctor, he heard her murmur.

Emergency measures, Doctor, he explained, still kissing her breast. When he had tasted what he wanted, he started to pull back on her robe, and when that wasnt enough, he began to pull it off her. She sat up, the better to help him. Her smile told him she was enjoying herself. After so much death, we need life.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0061-8
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 06/02/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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