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Naked Want

Author(s): T. Lance

Thomas Berry, while teaching in Central Asia, experiences a roller coaster romance with the woman of his dreams



The next day was my first day at the university. It was filled with the usual introductions and courtesies afforded incoming faculty. In fact, I met so many new people in the next few days that their names were a blur in my mind. This university was a western style school in a city dominated by universities patterned after the Soviet style with education directed toward employment or at least career oriented. What's more, it was a university with a liberal arts core. It was an anomaly, a mixer of Soviet and Western ideas and ideals. I had been looking forward to the challenge of teaching at this school with its reputation of being the best university in Central Asia.

The university, because it taught primarily in English, attracted students from all over the Central Asian region. The other attraction was its corruption free environment. Because grades could not be bought a degree from here was worth more. It was a good place to teach because I would learn about the Soviet teaching methodologies and use them in my own classroom.


On August 17th at 2:30 in the afternoon in the west stairwell as I ascended from the first floor to the second floor I saw her. I was on my way to the English department office on the third floor. Reflectively, I think of it as the first step on my climb to love. In reality, it was her butt that caught my eye. Such a sight before me, what could I do. . . I memorized the rounded shape, each gentle curve, her delicate swaying motion. Hell, this memory has been burnt into my brain forever. My desire for her rose with each step that she climbed.

Truth be-told, her derriere would prove to be so much like her persona, a perfect image. Such a shape, what could I do? I looked. I memorized. I stared. In fact, I missed a step and had a slight stumble. As I grabbed for the handrail, she looked back at me.

That backwards glance gave me a good look at her face. Damn! She was amazing. I can't say that I heard music and that sort of stuff, but I should have. Her smile captivated me. Never had anything like this happened to me. So I said something clever. "Excuse me."

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/15/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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