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On a Whim (Guardian's Tales)

Author(s): Zenobia Renquist

Book Summary

Rosaline never thought she would find a meaningful relationship at an adult party for the denizens of the preternatural community. She came to have fun and flirt with danger while hiding behind the safety of the party's rules. And then she met Sebastian, a demi-god who demands all her attention and satisfies her every need. Even though her head says it's nothing but pleasure between consenting adults with no strings attached, her heart is wondering if this fickle demi-god might actually want to be with her.


Praise for On a Whim

"This book will be on my mind for years to come. I so enjoy a book like this and they don't come around as often as I like."

-- 5 Lightning Bolts from Crystal, Storm Goddess Book Reviews

" end up pulling for them to make a love connection. A well written quick read, and I look forward to the next installment in the series."

-- 4 Lips from Tangle, Two Lips Reviews

"Who wouldn't want chance to party with the gods? This story took me to another level... the sex scenes were spicy and the characters had me rooting for them."

-- Fuchsia, Long & Short Reviews

"Ms. Renquist’s party scenes are hot enough to ignite the pages of this book. Every reader will want to be Rosaline."

-- 4.5 Stars from Candy, Sensual Reads

"This was a fun book to read, and it gives a brief glimpse into a really interesting world that I can't wait to read more of. As hot as the sex is, for me it's the idea of matchmaking for lifemates that will draw me to read more of the series."

-- 4 Hearts from Amy, The Romance Studio
Guardian's Tales: On a Whim
Zenobia Renquist
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Zenobia Renquist

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Her heart thundered in her chest. The deafening bu-bump drowned out all other noise. She knew the people staring at her could hear it. She only needed to do a quick introduction. Really quick. Open her mouth, spit it out, and it would be done. She really hated public speaking.

"My name is Rosaline, and I will be your server, voyeur, and touchstone this evening. Should you need any refreshments, food of any kind, or props please feel free to call on me. For those who like to be watched, I am happy to oblige." She swallowed a little before uttering the last, wondering desperately why she had to say it at all.

"My body is bared for you all to touch as you like, though you can only use your hands. There will be no scratching and nothing that is intended to cause pain. My pussy --" She almost stumbled saying the word. "-- and ass are open for fingering, but please know that I am an anal virgin."

She bowed her head, happy to have an excuse not to look at the crowd any longer. "Thank you for attending Guardian's soiree. I hope you enjoy your evening."

She, a human, was out of her mind telling a room full of preternatural beings from all walks of life what they could and could not do with her body. Most of them could break her with a flick of their pinky finger.

Beside her, Guardian laid her hand on Rosaline's bare shoulder. "Good girl."

Rosaline said, in a low voice though the audience could probably hear her, "I still don't understand why you couldn't tell them. They listen to you."

"You created those rules when you decided you wanted to attend. You have to tell them. They may be infinitely more powerful than you, but you are the one who has the right to say no. What's more, they have to heed that." Guardian patted Rosaline's shoulder once more. "Now then. Time to be groped. Go mingle and do as you told them you would."

Rosaline's whole body flushed.

It was time. The thing she had been anticipating the whole week long had finally arrived. She took one step forward and felt her four-inch heels wobble a little before stabilizing. The heels were two inches higher than she liked, but her friends had insisted the fire-engine red stilettos made Rosaline's legs look hot.

That was a good thing, since she didn't feel the same way about the rest of her body. One month prior to even asking Guardian about attending the party as a server, Rosaline had spent every free moment exercising. Mornings she did cardio, she had a mini-stair stepper to use while at her desk, and she spent the evenings using the machines at the gym. She'd even put herself on a strict diet of green vegetables, fruit, and fish -- baked, not fried. All of it in hopes of looking good while standing in a room full of preternaturals whose naturally fast metabolisms kept them looking like swimsuit models for sports magazines with no effort.

All her work had paid off. She had dropped from a size ten to a size eight. She could fit a size six if she knew she wouldn't be bending and felt like holding her breath while sitting. But clothing size didn't matter that evening since she couldn't wear anything to cover her little flaws with the perfect outfit that showed off all her hard work. The attire of the evening consisted of heels and a matching collar sporting a coin that proclaimed the servers as Guardian's property. Guardian allowed the men to go barefoot, if they preferred, which most of them did.

Rosaline rubbed the coin as a way to calm her nerves.

Guardian's property.

That meant no one could run off with Rosaline without Guardian's permission. There were a few servers who didn't have the coin. They wanted someone to run off with them. Rosaline wasn't that brave or stupid. She wanted a little taste of the world she'd only glimpsed from behind her desk. After that, she would go back to her mundane life with a fond memory.

She continued forward into the crowd. Her whole body hummed with the awareness that any second someone would touch her bare skin. The touch could be brief or prolonged depending on the mood of the one touching her.

The first table she passed was a group of vampires watching two women and two men having sex on the tabletop. Only one woman at the table glanced Rosaline's way. Rosaline gave the woman a small smile, but the gesture wasn't reciprocated. The woman turned her attention back to the table's entertainment.

Rosaline passed by a group of shifted were-hyenas who seemed to be playing a highly sexualized version of monkey in the middle with the person in the middle of the group trying to avoid domination from those who entered the circle.

She stopped and watched.

One man entered the circle. He tried his attack but was soon on the receiving end of a very vigorous ass pounding. He managed to throw off the other male, who left the circle with a smug sounding, hissing laugh that reminded her of the cartoon villain dog from her childhood -- mutt-something or other. The male exiting the circle winked at Rosaline before turning his back on her so he faced the defeated.

A second entered the circle. A woman this time. She managed to overpower the male as well. Though when she flipped him on his back so she could avail herself of his dick, it didn't seem like much of a punishment for losing.

Rosaline shrugged, shook her head, and moved on. Like the two groups before, most everyone occupied themselves with their own distractions, pretty much ignoring her. That disappointed her more than a little. She had spent the whole day psyching herself up to being groped by a room full of strangers.

A quick glance around the room showed the other five servers were receiving the same treatment. Was this normal? Maybe the patrons of the party liked to play with each other before molesting the staff.

"Here, girl."

Rosaline looked around. Two men occupied a booth off in the corner of the room. The man with his hand raised had to be the one who had called out to her. She walked over to him with a smile. "You called for me, sir?"

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