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Picking Cotton

Cotton Series: Book 1

Author(s): K.T. Bishop

How much would you give up to fulfill your dreams?

ML Cotton spent his entire life pursuing to become a rare black quarterback at a Division I-A school in the Deep South. Searching for a part-time job in a restaurant, he accidentally finds out about a Cajun quarterback camp in the Louisiana Superdome for rising senior prospects. He arrived at the University of New Orleans, where getting lost was the best thing that ever happened to him.

He met this sexy, Cajun Caucasian cheerleader named Jennifer Monet, who gave him directions to the camp and capturing his heart. Automatically he falls in love with the green-eyed beauty.

Along the way, he lands a scholarship to Tampa University, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Can ML and Jennifer's romance overcame obstacles such as Hurricane Charo destroying her home and his mother disapproving their relationship?



For the third time, he circled the UNO campus. Where's the damn camp? Frustrated, he gripped the leather steering wheel of his Accord. He hated asking directions, but when he saw cheerleaders passing out flyers in front of the auditorium, he pulled over.

A slender, brown-haired girl who was waving a pink flyer in the air rushed over.

"Car wash today."

He hit a button and rolled down the passenger window.

She shoved the flyer into his brown hand and then fell halfway into the car.

"Oh, my. I think I'm stuck." She struggled for a moment before pushing herself up with solid, fair arms. The name Jennifer was printed on her hot-pink tee-shirt.

"Jennifer, how much is a car wash?"

"Ten bucks."

He fumbled for a ten and handed it to her. He didn't have time to get his car cleaned, but her green eyes, slender legs and long brown hair made him fork over the cash, just for giving directions.

"What I need most is directions." He held up a camp brochure.

She blinked.

"I don't have my glasses on." She squinted at the sheet of paper and then looked at him with green eyes, the color of life itself. "Go straight down and hang a left at the bank. You won't miss it." Her eyes were as bottomless as a pond.

Speechless, he felt himself melting into them.

She laughed.

"You don't need me to take you there, do you?" Her tone was melodic and sweet.

"I'll manage."

From the steps of the auditorium, the cheerleading coach yelled, "Jennifer!. We need you over here!"

"Hate to go, but you know the rules of a cheerocracy. I'll be here for the next three hours."

Finally breaking free of the love spell, he said, "I'll be back for you. Count on it."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-234-4
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 04/16/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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