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Two of a Kind

Author(s): Destiny Wallace


Do opposites attract or do they end up going on to different things?

Sanai Jenkins meets her new neighbor Jake Miller and she's instantly attracted to the tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed sports writer. Sanai fights her attraction because she is currently dating a handsome, and more importantly black, doctor. So what if Jake is attractive, and doesn't mind that she loves a beer and a game more than most women?

Jake doesn't make it easy for Sanai to deny her feelings. He teases and tempts her and isn't put off by her judgmental mother, extremely involved older sister, and notably absent boyfriend.

How often does a man come across his perfect match?




"Hey," Jake said.

He was smiling a toothy white grin. Sanai stared at him for a minute before she realized she hadn't actually vocalized her question.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she croaked.

Jake's smile grew. "I was just wondering if you could show me around the city today."

Sanai sighed. "Today hasn't started for me just yet." She swung the door shut and turned to go back to her bedroom. Immediately she realized that she wouldn't make it back into the bed before she'd be too awake to doze back off. She took a sharp right and fell onto the couch.

"Wait," Jake called sticking his foot in the jam to keep the door from closing. "How about I make you some coffee?"

Sanai groaned and felt around for the remote. If he wasn't going to let her sleep, at least she could watch television. She didn't like talking to anyone first thing in the morning. That was one of the nice things about waking up alone. There was no one there to ask about breakfast, daily plans, or what to have for dinner. There was only a serene quiet while she slowly woke up and got ready for the day.

Jake walked into the kitchen and Sanai settled further into the couch. He was mistaken if he assumed she would tell him where she kept the coffee, filters, or anything else. He'd have to find it himself and hopefully he wouldn't make too much noise.

Sanai had actually drifted back to sleep when Jake brought in a large black mug filled almost to the top. He put it on the coffee table and shook Sanai slightly. He noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath the blue camisole top of her pajamas. Her heavy breast shook with his jostling.

"There's your cup," he pointed to the coffee table.

Sanai nodded and slowly brought herself up to a sitting position. She gingerly picked up the mug and blew slowly on the steaming liquid.

"Do you want any cream or sugar?"

Sanai shook her head. "I like coffee strong and black…like my man."

Jake shrugged. "Maybe you should try light and sweet sometime," he said. "You might like it."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-108-8
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 03/13/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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