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Vampire Who Spanked Me, The

Author(s): Honey Jans

Cherish McCloud is a fake psychic with a secret love life. Every night a fantasy lover haunts her dreams, taking her just so far before leaving her unsatisfied. Descended from a Voodoo priestess on her daddy’s side, and a gypsy Queen on her mama’s she has no idea what powers she holds.

Vlad Masters a vampire with a price on his head has been feeling sleep deprived. He’s on a mission to avenge his sister and finding it hard to focus. Stalking through the park at midnight after being discovered he’s drawn to a commotion and finds a feisty ethnic beauty holding off a pack of hunting demons.

When Vlad comes to Cherish’s rescue the wheel of fate spins and there’s no going back. But will a grieving white witch, or a frustrated demon lord with a grudge stop a love that was written in the stars? Or will Cherish and Vlad fall in love at first bite? To find out read The Vampire Who Spanked Me.



Cherish McCloud tottered down the hotel’s front steps at midnight, and grabbed the handrail for to keep from falling flat on her face. Damn! What in blue blazes had Josie put in her homegrown herbal tea? She closed her eyes as dizziness overcame her, and the erotic dream that had plagued her for the last month replayed in her mind like a film strip on steroids. She trembled as it possessed her, making her pulse race as Shadow Man came to her. His imposing erotic powers swamped her will, not to mention her crumbling virtue.

Leaning into his heat, she gazed up at his translucent reflection in the moonlight his pale skin a sexy contrast to her darker butterscotch tones. Her lips tingled for his kiss as she stared at his sultry mouth. The masterful look in his piercing blue eyes in the moonlight--lord, she could drown in their depths—made her cream. She didn’t fool herself that she was a beauty, but when he gazed down at her in that special way, she felt like the most beautiful woman on earth..

He pulled her into the warmth of his body, and she gasped in reaction as her sensitive mound bumped against the hot steel of his erection and her breasts pillowed against his chest. She whimpered with need when her jewel hard nipples pressed against him. Out of her head with lust she rocked against him. Oh please..oh please...oh please...

She shuddered with excitement when he growled, flipped up her skirt, and drew his hand back to spank her. Cherish whimpered as his big palm smacked her bottom and stinging spanks rained down on her panty clad curvy ass setting off an earthquake inside her. Ripples went through her as she tightened inside, whimpering, arching her ass for more of his erotic punishment and she trembled on the brink of orgasm.

Then he vanished into thin air, just like he always did, leaving her hanging, unsatisfied, and clinging to the handrail with a death grip. She opened her eyes completely mortified as people walked past her. Her face heated as she tried to get a read on the by-passers, wondering if they could tell she’d just almost come, but nothing concrete filtered through her tea muddled brain. Damn, she had to get a grip. Stiffening her buckling knees, she tried to ignore the inappropriate sheen of moisture coating her inner thighs. Shit, shadow man had her wanting and horny...again.

There is no shadow man, Cherish. It’s just your imagination. Shit, now she was thinking of him as real. It just went to show that trying to write erotica while not getting any sex herself was making her so horny that her erotic dreams were starting to haunt her while she was awake.

It was bad enough that she’d been dragged to the Sci-Fi Conference to work for Second Sight, her Aunt Eugenia’s phony psychic hotline, she wasn’t about to start believing in the supernatural. Nor was she about to believe the family hype that she was descended of a gypsy queen on her mamas side and a voodoo priestess on her daddy’s.

She never thought she’d miss her cubical back at the psychic hotline headquarters? But face to face contact with guys in Wookie costumes and Spock ears had taught her that she’d much rather keep her clients on the other end of a telephone. That way she didn’t have to look into their eyes, feel their emotions.

She took a deep breath of crisp midnight air vowing not to give into fantasyland and run off with her reluctant mystery Dom. No, Josie’s noxious brew was responsible for her aberrant behavior and she needed to walk it off to get her head straight.

Letting out a sigh, she tottered down the stairs deciding that this severe dip in her equilibrium might also be a delayed reaction to being e-dumped that morning. Henry Jones III, the self-serving jerk, hadn’t even had the grace to send his goodbye to her in a Hallmark card. What an ass. She pulled her jean jacket closer around her, closing out the mist rolling in off Lake Michigan, as she thought’s of her ex. The son of a wealthy, well connected, African American family he was careful to make the right connections and she no longer fit in his game plan. They came from different worlds, him in politics and her having television contacts that he could use in his own upcoming campaign. She knew now that it was her main attraction for him.

A side door to the Hyatt opened and a group of fake Wookie’s poured out, pushing her aside. Propelled forward, she stumbled down the path muttering a curse about inconsiderate jerks, and didn’t even notice when they blundered into the bushes with unintelligible curses. She walked down the path to the park. Tonight, the fog distorted the park into a mystical fairyland, and made her feel cocooned and safe as she walked forward, trying to clear her head. Her footsteps echoed hollowly on the damp concrete walk click... click... click... reminding her how alone she was. Prickles of unease went up her spine making the fine hair on her nape stir. It was actually kind of spooky, she realized, as her pulse sped up. Visions of the blob or Freddie Kruger jumping out of the bushes replayed through her mind and a tremor went though her. It felt like there were malevolent eyes on her, someone was watching her. Looking around she saw no one, but given the fog she couldn’t see much. Still, she couldn’t shake the sensation of being watched, pursued.

Instinctively, she stepped off that path and away from the overhead lights, trembling as she fell silent, wondering if paranoia was another side effect of the tea. Josie and her noxious brews had a lot to answer for. Then a crunch in the grass behind her made her freeze. Spinning around, she gaped disbelief as she saw a row of shabby looking ET’s step out of the fog. Relief surged through her, making her smile like an idiot. She couldn’t help it as she fought back a giggle. They weren’t quite the maniacs she’d feared. As a matter of fact their costumes looked tattered and homemade she decided as she took in the phalanx of fake aliens. One of them, standing in the back, wasn’t even the right color, he was gold.

The game playing jerks just stood there glaring at her instead of apologizing for half scaring her to death and her irritation boiled over. “Not very convincing, guys. Don’t you know that ET was small and friendly, not tall and semi-menacing?” All they did was grumble back at her making her sigh. Apparently, she’d bruised a few nerd egos. “Right back at ya boys. Look, I know that we’ve ticked you off by getting the best room at the Hyatt for Psychic Hotline, but why pick on us. Take it up with the management, why don’t you?”

She could feel their confusion, but they remained single-mindedly focused on her. She took a step back…they inched forward. They were like a pack of wild dogs, ready, no, make that eager, to chase her.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 05/06/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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