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Deck The Halls

Author(s): Shashauna P. Thomas

Deck The Halls by Shashauna P. Thomas
contemporary erotic menage (cowboy, suspense, holiday) long novella (approx 34,000 words)

Jake and Jason are identical twins who’ve known for a long time that there would only be one woman for the both of them. One who loved each of them equally and could handle both the pros and cons of being shared by two men on a daily basis. As soon as they laid eyes on the beautiful new file clerk Gloria they knew deep in their heart that she was the one meant to be theirs. They thought their only obstacle was to convince her that their feelings were genuine. Quickly they learn they’re mistaken when they find out the lovely Gloria’s been keeping a major secret. One that not only jeopardizes the future they planned to share with her, but also places her very life in danger.

Gloria found it hard not to have a positive outlook when she got to see the delicious Jason and delectable Jake every day. On top of that the merriment of the season all around her was infectious. It was the first Christmas in a long time that Gloria was actually looking forward to. That is until she learns the mistakes of her past, ones she tried very hard to put behind her and bury, were now back. Back with a vengeance and determined to destroy her. Now all she hoped for Christmas was that the people she’d grown to love wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire.


Jason only half-heartedly listened as his father continued speaking because his mind and his heart was really with the beautiful troubled woman alone in the file room. He didn’t kid himself into believing he wouldn’t go check on her soon. There was only so much willpower a person can have and when it came to Gloria, Jason didn’t have that much to start with.

Both Jake and Jason stood aside as they allowed their father to pass them on his way to the door. The sheriff gestured for the two marshals to exit the office before him leaving Jason and his brother bringing up the rear. He didn’t know if it was a twin thing or the fact he’d spent his entire life with him, but Jason knew Jake wanted to speak with him just as he knew what it was about. So instead of heading towards the door, Jason sat in the closest guest chair while Jake softly closed the office door giving them some privacy. “I know what you’re planning.”

“Of course you do. We planned it together remember?” Jason replied as he reached for one of the large coffees Gloria had bought for them on her way to work. She always did little thoughtful things like this for people. It’s why the whole damn town fell in love with her so quickly. On any other day he’d quickly grab the coffee because he couldn’t wait to drink it down and let the caffeine heaven hit his system. But today he grabbed the lukewarm Styrofoam cup simply to keep his hands busy while he had it out with his brother.

He knew exactly what his brother was referring to even without him saying it. He was having second thoughts about their little Christmas plan for Gloria. The plan was simple; convince Gloria their feelings for her were real, persuade her to spend Christmas with them, and use their time together over the holidays to see if she not only wanted but could handle the type of relationship they did. Half the fun was the way they planned on going about it. They were going to give her a taste of what it would be like to be their woman. Making love to her both separately and together. As much as possible. In every position possible. Even now when his temper was running high, the thought of Gloria and all the things he hoped to do to her had his cock at half mast.

“Yes, I remember. But you know as well as I do that we need to call the plan off. Postpone it ‘til later when she isn’t being hunted by her psychotic ex.” Jake’s voice as he paced their father’s office brought him back to the present.

“This doesn’t change things, Jake.” The look he shot Jason while he stopped in mid-step told him Jake couldn’t believe he had the nerve to say that. Jake resumed pacing as Jason continued.

“We both agreed we were tired of pussy footing around with Gloria. It’s either our Christmas plan or one of us getting slapped with a sexual harassment suit at the office. The way I see it the only thing this changes is our time table.…And we get to skip a step.”


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9837809-1-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published:
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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