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Diving In

Author(s): Andra Ashe

Diving In by Andra Ashe
part of the Boys of Summer anthology
erotic contemporary romance with MFM/threesome
cover art by Winterheart Design
Release Date: 10/25/2012
ISBN# 978-1-938257-44-5

Mia and Luke have a great relationship and a sizzling hot sex life.  So why is she fantasizing about the surf-drenched hunk on the beach?  And why doesn’t Luke mind? Perhaps their feelings for each other aren’t as true as they should be. 

When Luke invites said hunk to join them for lunch and some ‘afternoon delight’ Mia dismisses her doubts and discovers she has a bad girl side.  Being the center of attention of two naked, adventurous men is exhilarating, and addictive.

But while Luke is appears to enjoy this bad girl in his bed, will he still want her in his heart?


Postcard perfect. Sapphire ocean, almost blindingly white sand, cloudless sky…Adonis emerging from the water.

Mia followed his progress from the shallows to a towel on the sand a few feet from where she’d just settled, fascinated by the droplets of water on his toned and tanned body, like pinpoints of diamond light under the brilliance of the sun.

From behind her sunglasses, she continued to watch. He shook his dark hair and smoothed it back from his forehead with strong, tanned hands. Then with a grace that didn’t detract from his blatant yet unselfconscious masculinity, the object of her undivided attention stretched out on his towel, one forearm flung over his eyes.

Propping herself up on her elbows, all the better to see black and white board shorts riding low on narrow hips below sculpted abs, Mia’s thoughts roamed over this glorious example of maleness. How would he look, naked and sweaty on rumpled sheets instead of ocean-soaked on the sand?

Her mind didn’t usually take such a carnal direction about a total stranger. Perhaps it was being here, so far from her humdrum daily usualness. She was entitled to daydream — she was on holiday.

They were on holiday, she corrected.

‘Enjoying the scenery?’ Luke’s voice broke into her musing as he dropped a small cooler onto the sand, kissed the top of her head, and unfurled his towel next to hers.

Without looking away from the object of her lust, Mia replied, ‘Just making sure I don’t miss any of the local attractions.’

She knew she was lucky that Luke didn’t go into jealousy meltdown about checking out a good- looking guy, but sometimes she wondered why he didn’t. Her head told her it was because he didn’t feel threatened, but her heart sometimes whispered unsettling explanations like ‘maybe it’s because he doesn’t care enough to be upset.’ Mia dragged her gaze back to the seemingly endless expanse of cerulean water and her thoughts back into holiday mode. She wasn’t here on Broome’s pristine, white Cable Beach to examine the intricacies of her relationship. She was here to enjoy playing hooky from work in the company of the man who loved her.

Mia rolled onto her stomach, unhooked the back of her bikini top and slid it out from under her. ‘Can you do my back please, baby?’ she asked, resting her head on her arms and closing her eyes.

The familiar strength of Luke’s hands on her skin sent a shiver of pleasure along her spine. After five years, his touch still made her wet. As he stroked the coconut-scented oil up from her hips, his fingertips brushed the sides of her breasts. Mia arched her body enough to allow his hands to slide under her and briefly squeeze her nipples before returning to her back.

‘Soooo good,’ Mia crooned as his hands curved over her behind, then onto her thighs, thumbs slipping under the edges of her bikini bottom, brushing where she was wet. She groaned in appreciation, thighs parting slightly in invitation. Luke slid his thumbs along her damp, swollen lips, finding her tight nub.

Mia’s eyes drifted open in a haze of desire and collided with those of Adonis, now on his belly on his towel, watching her. The corners of his mouth curved upwards almost imperceptibly. He knew.

Adonis held her gaze.

Luke’s finger nudged her clit, and Mia arched against his hand, and then clamped her thighs together. ‘Later, baby.’

What was she doing? Joking with Luke about checking out a guy was one thing. Fantasising about said guy as he watched her man slide his fingers inside her was…was... pornographic.

Struggling to sit up and keep the towel covering her breasts, Mia turned her back on the voyeur, the pervert in hunk’s clothing. It was creepy.

Who was she kidding? It was hot.

It was wrong.

Damn, that made it hotter. She’d obviously been out in the sun too long.

Luke grumbled, not impressed about the sudden stop to his sexy exploration but reached for his iPhone, plugging it into his ears, no doubt to listen to the current cricket match. With his hat pulled down over his eyes, Mia knew before long he’d be halfway to dozing. Her back still to Adonis, she fumbled to do up her bikini top.

‘I’m going back to the hotel, babe,’ she said, leaning over Luke, kissing him lightly on the mouth. ‘We can finish what you started later.’ This time her mouth lingered, and his opened in response, their tongues meeting and withdrawing.

‘Cool,’ he murmured against her lips. ‘Can we start with you in this position?’ Luke said, his hands caressing her arse.

Position. Oh no. Mia could all but feel Adonis’s gaze roaming over her behind as she straddled Luke on her hands and knees. She scrambled off him, resisting the temptation to glance over her shoulder.

She did not need another eyeful of him, half-naked and smiling.

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Date Published: 10/25/2012
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