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Untamed Magic

Author(s): Mary Winter

Untamed Magic by Mary Winter
set in the same universe as the StarMyst novels
erotic paranormal cowboy romance, menage
release date: 03/06/2014

Aaron Kincade, a sorcerer, felt the call to come to a small county rodeo somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma. When his truck ends up in the ditch, he’s rescued by the sexy woman he saw at the rodeo–a witch.

Cara Ryder, a witch, put out the call for someone with magical talent to help her with an evil entity bent on breaking free and causing destruction. She didn’t expect a rodeo cowboy, and she certainly didn’t expect one who had no idea of the magic he wielded or how to use it.

But a witch and a sorcerer aren’t meant to work together. One has the power of earth, the other fire. They need a third, a Warder, who can balance their energies. And they need to find one fast, before they burn each other with magic and passion.

This is a re-release of a serial that was published in 2006-2008.


Garth Brooks was right. It was all about the dust and the bulls, the blood and mud, and damn it if Cara didn’t love every moment of it. The announcer gave the score over a scratchy loudspeaker, and she cheered along with the other crowd. The hometown favorite had just scored a 92 on his bull ride placing him well into first place.

“Next up, Aaron Kincade, riding Swamp Thing.” The crowd cheered as the announcer explained the bull had a 100% buck-off rate. No man had been able to tame this beast.

From down in the chutes, the bull kicked and rang his horns against the metal gate. Cara watched a long legged cowboy settle himself on the creature’s back. A black Stetson sat low on his forehead, but not low enough, because in her seats next to the gates, Cara saw his full, sensuous lips and chiseled jaw. Tan chaps covered his legs, his dark blue western shirt covered with a body vest.

A visceral reaction hit her straight in the gut. The combination of sheer guts mixed with just a hint of foolhardiness set an ache low in her body. Most of the cowboys she’d seen could have graced a calendar, 0r the cover of a romance novel. Something about this one shook her.

He looked up, and his gaze seemed to collide with hers. Sparks flew, tightening her nipples and making her pussy wet with promise. Long, sooty lashes framed eyes as blue as the Oklahoma sky under which they sat.

Cara looked away. Ridiculous really. After all, at least three chutes stood between the cowboy and she. Surely she didn’t see the color of his eyes. Yet, she’d sensed his glance and knew the color of his eyes.

Power tingled in the tips of her fingers. She pressed them to her temples. Not now. Just for once she wanted to be a normal woman enjoying a normal activity. The cowboy looked at her again. He nodded imperceptibly at her, then at the gate men. The gate swung open.

A thousand pounds of pissed off beef hurled itself from the chute. Cara watched, her heart in her throat. The cowboy stayed on, long legs wrapped around the bull’s barrel, hand in the air, and his other hand in the rigging. Spinning to the right, the bull struggled to dislodge its rider.

The cowboy hung on tight. Cheers erupted from the crowd at the six-second mark. He was doing it. This out of town cowboy actually would ride Swamp Thing, stopping the bull’s 100% buck-off rate. Cara found herself grinning, then on her feet with the crowd.

A shock of power stilled her clapping hands. Cara stood there, staring at the man in the arena. Magical power surrounded him with a faint glow, so faint it could have been a halo from the arena lights. Except she knew better. Whoever the man on the bull was, he also was a sorcerer.

The whistle blew, interrupting her thoughts. The arena erupted in screams and cheers as the cowboy dismounted from the bull. He hurried to the gate, sliding through even as the clowns directed the bull down the alley back to the pens.

“And that was Aaron Kincade riding Swamp Thing earning a score of 93.5. Up next we have . . .” The crowd’s enthusiasm drowned out the announcer’s words.

Cara stepped past the young couple and their son to the aisle. She hurried down, not even knowing if she would be allowed behind the chutes, but needing to be there. Who was this cowboy? Where had he come from and why now?


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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 03/05/2014
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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