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Author(s): Ann Harvey

Iffy refuses to keep sharing her small income with her husband, a man who couldn’t be bothered to work, and does nothing but criticize her choice of profession. With delusions of grandeur, Norm, now a candidate for town mayor, agrees to a divorce on one condition. He insists that Iffy must pay him alimony. He figures she won’t take the bait and go for the divorce because, after all, she can’t really afford to divorce him if she has to pay.
It’s time for Iffy to get creative – with a little help from her friends.


I deal with stress in my own way, and it’s not always dignified. That figures. I’m a small town newspaper reporter. Not exactly the acme of journalism. It’s hard to look respectable and important while crouching at the front of a school gymnasium trying to get decent school concert photos or, even more absurdly, while shooting this season’s potato that looks like the prime minister.
It’s harder when you’ve just been caught hanging upside down from one of the struts of one of those Lego-like steel pylons that power companies use to transmit electricity.
Not only do I lack the basic survival instinct that would tell anyone else to stay off a structure carrying enough electricity to fry them, but I also managed to slip and barely kept aloft by hanging with my legs draped over a horizontal beam. My right leg was hooked around a vertical corner strut and my right hand gripped the same strut slightly higher. Definitely not dignified.
It was typical of my life. A mess.
Straining to twist up my chest and head while hoping my sweat-slicked right hand wouldn’t slip and thinking I should have kept doing those abdominal crunches, I finally got a left hand grip on the oblique strut in the centre of the horizontal, and pulled myself to a sitting position. Saved again. Whoopty-do-dah. Now should I keep going up or do the sensible thing and get off this eggsucking deathtrap?
“Hi, how are you doing today?” A pleasant and easy tenor wafted up from below. The man effortlessly achieved the required volume. The tone was casual, so I looked down without apprehension and, at the base of the pylon, saw a bulky man wearing familiar navy slacks and a pale blue shirt, a uniform which I knew features a yellow stripe down the outside seam of each leg of the slacks. The final touch, a Kevlar soft body armor vest, added to his girth. A white SUV, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police crest and zigzagging red, yellow and blue stripes, was parked on the paved grid road behind my elderly, decrepit, green Honda Civic.
Oh crap. I was in trouble.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77155-077-2
Genre: Mystery
Date Published: 10/07/2013
Publisher: Champagne Books

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