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A Life Worth Living

How To Regain Balance and SimplifyYour Daily Life

Author(s): Odette Pollar

Is your life in overdrive? Are the times when you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day getting more rare? Are you simply running out of time? You can make simple changes to break the cycle of running frantically just to fall behind. The trick is to make a concerted effort to do less by simplifying and reducing the complexity in your life. A LIFE WORTH LIVING will show you how.


This book is a distillation of the advice I give clients to help them
regain balance in their professional and personal lives, increase their
satisfaction, and live happier, more content and fulfilled lives. This
is a step-by-step process that my clients have found success with, and
you will, too. If you follow these procedures and give yourself time to
make changes, you will find yourself more content.
Given all that we have to do, many of us are losing sight of what is
quite probably our ultimate goal--to enjoy our lives and, hopefully,
have fun as we balance personal and professional responsibilities in a
pleasing and satisfying way. You cannot be all things to all people, nor
satisfy everyones needs. It's so easy to let your desire for high
performance, success, and status drive you into a situation where no
matter how much you do, it is never enough. If your standards for
achievement are so high as to be virtually impossible, you are your own
worst enemy.
When your work load increases, your desire to spend time with family,
engage in volunteer activities, work in your community, have time for
hobbies, etc., remains. How do you do it all? The best way to save time
is not by speeding up and trying to force more and more into the same
blocks of time. The best way to "get it all done" is to do fewer things.
It is by trading one item in favor of another. If you feel overwhelmed
and under constant stress, view your life as a puzzle with too many
pieces or the wrong pieces. Being selective about your choices and clear
about high priorities is key. It is vital to keep your perspective and
establish realistic expectations for yourself at work and at home.
Managing time well is not the only element involved in regaining
balance. You must also find purpose, reduce stress, set goals, and
simplify your life. Making life choices is not something that can be
done quickly. It is not a one-time, one-decision-will-fix-everything
circumstance. To make wise life choices, it is important to spend time
by yourself and become reacquainted with your natural rhythms and
desires. Notice what you run toward and run away from. This takes some
doing, especially in these increasingly hectic times. But it is well
worth the effort.
This is not to say that wake-up calls don't happen in a single day. You
may be sitting in your fifth traffic jam in three days. Or your child is
graduating from high school and you suddenly realize that you are
looking at a stranger. Or the doctor tells you that persistent malaise
is something more serious. Or your best friend moves to a smaller town
and now lives a different lifestyle that you view with longing and envy.
Or your child has been arrested. The wake-up calls are endless. What
matters is what you do when you hear the call.
Begin to notice which areas are out of balance in your life and how that
affects you and others you care about. Many of the "things" we strive
fora bigger house, a newer car, a second or third vehicle, more toysdo
not bring happiness and satisfaction; frequently they only bring
complexity, the need for additional work, and stress.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781452469317
Genre: Non-Fiction
Date Published: 05/01/2010
Publisher: Untreed Reads

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