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A Fear Unnatural

Author(s): Brian M. H. Goodwin

Terror has been made…but not controlled.

When a hysterical man runs into the woods, screaming that he is being chased by angels, he is dismissed by police as being little more than a lunatic or a drug addict. But as two detectives from the Whitewater Falls police detachment start to investigate the man’s disappearance, they uncover the clues that lead to a reclusive commune, abandoned children, and a supernatural force that is beginning to attack the citizens of their own town.

Together the detectives search to discover the source of the inexplicable panic, and face off against it, hoping to stop the terror and killing before it spreads beyond their small community.



“Are there any adults here?” Corbin asked, coming forwards. This step came to a sudden halt when the frail girl quickly backed away. Corbin raised his hands outwards, and slowly retreated back the distance he had just advanced. When he had safely returned to his spot, his hands still held up, the girl seemed to relax.

“No,” she finally answered, shaking her head with tiny movements. “I am the oldest.”

“Felcia,” Alliyanna hushed the girl’s name, after shooting a dirty look over her shoulder. “Where is everybody? Where are your parents? Where did the adults go?”

“They went into the church.” The girl’s simply stated answer caused Varner and Corbin a moment’s hope.

“Everybody is in the church right now?”

“No,” managed to escape through trembling lips.

Alliyanna nodded knowingly, and shuffled closer to the girl, allowing her to draw her voice in lower. “Felcia,” she gently asked, “we need to know; where did all the adults go after they were in the church?”

A thin finger raised up beside a pained face, small tears escaping from Felcia’s blue eyes, rolling their way down her sunken cheeks, crossing the edges of her quivering mouth as she finally managed to release the words, “The angels took them.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724727
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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