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Alpha's Flame

Council of Wolves

Author(s): Antoinette Turner

Mackenzie Frazer has been in love with Tala Daciana for as long as he can remember. When he finally declares his love something strange occurs, causing her to disappear from his life. Mac is left with headaches and a strange tattoo from the outcome of that night, only he can't remember what happened. Four years later, she reappears in his life, and for two weeks makes all his dreams and hottest fantasies come true only to disappear again.

As good as the wild sex is, after five years of the exact same visits, Mac has had enough. He's determined the next time Tala knocks on his door he’ll get the answers to all his questions. Only he isn't sure he'll survive finding out.   


He kept his stare neutral as the two men walked back over the threshold. He slammed the door in their faces, just as they both started to turn around. He didn’t know if they’d been about to speak, nor did he care.

There was only one person in the room whose attention he needed and she was slowly unfurling from her prone position. It took all of his will power to keep hold of the doorknob and not scoop up the body on the ground.

“Hello, Tala,” he said, his voice husky from the demands slowly taking over his system.

Mackenzie.” The word was half need, half sob, and the thready hoarseness of it told Mackenzie it hadn’t been an easy seven days for her either.

“Missed me?” His grin showed more teeth than pleasure.

“Not really.”

Mac remembered the week with a dark frown. The pain still reverberated through his head, and other aching places. That he knew she shared it made him more angry than pleased.

“Been somewhere cold?” He zeroed in on her clothing. Big black shit kickers, black denim jeans, black skivvy, reaching up to her chin and black fur topped leather jacket. He noticed the small black canvas backpack beside her. “They holding Goth conventions in Switzerland now?”

“Alaska,” she answered in a husky growl, distracting him from the answer with a slow striptease as she spoke. She peeled off the boots and socks before moving to the jacket. She hadn’t left the floor.

“What?” he asked in a confused growl of his own.

“I’ve been in Alaska,” she repeated. The jacket off, she started on the zipper of her jeans.

“That’s a long way to go to hide from me, Tala. I take it I don’t even get a hello before we go at it. No dinner before you have your wicked way with me?” He pushed slowly from the casual lean on the door. Muscles moved with an easy confidence that did nothing to hide the tension radiating from his body.

“No.” She licked her lips and followed him with her hungry gaze. She didn’t stop the strip show as he watched her trace the water droplets still fresh from his shower. His adrenaline spiked when he realized she’d be licking them off him in a matter of seconds.

Her jeans came off, leaving nothing but the shirt and a lacy scrap of red fabric underneath. The line of material was already wet. A shameless tell. “Come on, baby, you can do better than one word answers. No to the hello, no to the dinner or no to wanting my body so badly I can see the answer glistening on your crotch? ‘Cause stretching it out seven long lonely days with just my hand for company was kinda mean, don’t you think?” Mackenzie played his fingers across the silver button on his jeans.

His cock was already swollen in anticipation, denim the only barrier holding it back. Her nostrils flared at his words and he watched as her bright gold-blue gaze followed his fingers. The soft buttery warmth glowed a thin edge from dilated pupils. The blue a crystal bright.

Good, he thought, just a little more needy and greedy and I’ll have you right where I want you.

“Poor Mac can’t get another mat…woman?”

Her stumble wasn’t missed. The bite of sarcasm hid a hint of desperation, and he wondered if he’d dreamed a little bit of jealousy in there as well. Her shirt followed the jeans and then Tala was on her knees, her matching bra and underwear already on the way to joining the pile.

“Fuck.” The breath whooshed out of him on a whisper of carnal need, belying his calm appearance. He reached for her in a motion that was as familiar as breathing. “Oh, I looked, I even touched,” he purred. Did he imagine the pain that glazed her eyes at his taunted words?

“Then why the fuck am I still here?” she demanded. She rose to her feet to meet his hands.

“I’ve been a very busy boy the last twelve months, baby. Maybe not as busy as you with your two little toy boys.” Mac indicated the closed door with a flick of his head. “You’ve told me enough times and in enough graphic detail what you do with them, and yet here you are again. Time after time. Back for what only I can give you. Isn’t that right, Tala?” He gripped the mass of thick blonde curls with one hand and jerked her gaze up to his. “You come back to me. What exactly is the pull that makes you do that, huh? ‘Cause I know it kills you every time you walk through that door, doesn’t it? It kills you to know you need me, just as it kills me to know you allow those other men to touch this body.” He dragged his hand down to her taut buttocks and pulled her deeper into him.

His erection strained against the naked V of her thighs, and he marveled at her body. It’s sinewy form held in such lean physical condition and yet it melted into him like honey on toast. Her breasts pressed against his chest. The hardened points rubbed already sensitized skin.

He couldn’t wait to pull them into his mouth, spend an hour worshipping each. Her wanton lust as she wreathed threatened his equilibrium, and it took every grimly held piece of self-control he possessed to remember the end game. No matter what the next few hours wrought he couldn’t lose focus. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-925-4
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 01/22/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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