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Alzabreah's Garden

Author(s): Gary Starta

Falling in love shouldn't be against the law, but it is on the island Alzabreah, where a high priestess genetically engineers men to be nothing more than love slaves. When a disciple Mava breaks the rules and falls in love with one of the drones she soon discovers the high priestess has committed murder to cover illegal genetic experiments and now Mavra will have to fight for she and her lover's lives.


She needed it, right here, right now. The idea sickened her. Was this the path to perfection? Settling down to bed a drone created expressly to keep the disciples in line? She told herself she didn't need this. This was a distraction, for the disciples. They needed this because of their biological trappings, their twenty something bodies had to copulate to quiet an internal clock inside them, to release sexual tension so they could get back to the books, so in time, they too could learn how to free themselves of this compulsion through genetic manipulation.
But had she freed herself? She hadn't joined with any man in years. The Olvidian males repulsed her. But the drones stirred something inside of her. Maybe because she had created them; it was almost as if some kind of power trip going on. In a way they did share her unique genetic mapping, but for them, desirable traits like intelligence and self-esteem were shut off thanks to she and Quan's Fractal Eugenics Dynamic. So they were a part of her, but at the same time, not her. This feeling gave her an intellectual high. Her omnipotence would not only direct the living drones but those yet to come to life. Heady discussions between she and Quan were routine. Alzabreah never forgot to remind Quan she essentially ruled a new race of beings she herself had created. This sometimes annoyed Quan who felt Alzabreah should act a bit more philanthropic and less majestic in the eyes of her disciples. This power also fed Alzabreah's sexual desire, something she would never admit it to, not even to the logically predisposed Quan. The very idea that she, their goddess, would allow them to share intimacy with her, turned on Alzabreah's libido, she fantasized about them even when they were not in her presence. Eventually her preoccupation became a sexual itch in desperate need of scratching. A mix of disgust and lust filled Alzabreah during her first pairing. More pairings followed, discreetly. She could not let the disciples know she was ruled by such base urges. She hoped her indulgence was temporary. Alzabreah's logical brain told her the novelty of the drones should have worn off after the first few weeks. Clandestine copulation. She abhorred it, but was fast becoming a slave to its sweetness. Alzabreah had it bad for one drone in particular. Elzeba enjoyed the most nights in Alzabreah's bed. He fed a physical addiction she believed only her followers required, violating the very code she had set by choosing one drone most frequently - hating herself for not only enjoying the compulsion, but pining for the next dosage like it was some kind of drug. Alzabreah kept telling herself it would pass. She was just enjoying her godhood. Money had elevated her status before, but a caste system could never have offered omnipotence, the drones worshipped her. Yet, she couldn't let the drone see her softer side. She couldn't lose control over this addiction. She would have to put on a face for them. Alzabreah feared the face like any mask would in time reveal her true feelings, not only to the drones or the disciples - but also to herself. Could the ultimate power trip be responsible for this change?
Alzabreah had devoted her entire life to study. Working side by side with Doctor Quan, Alzabreah never felt slighted for resisting her early urges. She could have had anyone, anytime. Her wealth was a ticket to all the luxuries the caste system afforded. The rich got richer while the poor toiled to keep them there. She did feel pity for the lower caste women however. A part of her did want better lives for them, but a bigger part wanted control the glory associated with creating a new life form, the power of becoming a God through simple gene manipulation. She was not about to let any man get in the way of this dream.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9804133-1-1
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 03/07/2008
Publisher: Eternal Press

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