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Blood Moon Rising

Author(s): Angela Lam Turpin

Deep in Shaman’s Forest, the vampire Valkyrie awakens to find her dhampir son, Anthony, ill with a fever.  The sorceress says Anthony must have his father’s blood before the next full moon or else he will die.  Valkyrie journeys with Anthony into the city to find a man she has not seen in 15 years.  But will Anthony’s fascination with human life and Valkyrie’s need to feed on living blood tear them apart before Anthony’s father can be found?



“He may look fine now, but he is dying,” the sorceress warned. “He needs you to help him.”


“He needs his father’s blood. Anyone else’s blood will only hasten his demise.”

“But his father is human. How will I find him?”

“You will smell his scent like you smelled him before when you hungered for his flesh, thirsted for his blood.”

Valkyrie stared off into the distance and sighed. “I never hungered for him. He found my cave years ago on a camping trip. He was braver than the rest. He crept down to my tomb and startled me.”

The sorceress nodded, as if she already knew.

“Perhaps I should have bitten him, contaminated him, made him forever mine. But I let him go.” Valkyrie’s eyes misted. “I was in love.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926704-02-9
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 06/07/2009
Publisher: Eternal Press

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