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Author(s): Michael O'Connor

John has been in prison for a long time. More than sixty years, in fact, yet he still looks under forty. Beth has only just arrived, and has no intention of staying. But Munson, their sadistic jailer, has plans for the two of them that give a new depth to the word monstrous...which is ironic, as John and Beth are both those monsters known as vampires, although they have very contradictory beliefs about how they became so. Can the two overcome their differences and work together to escape, and does John really want to? Can Beth be trusted? And is the world ready for them?

John, Beth and Munson must discover their real natures, and then decide if they want to be true to them or to stay within their own particular cages.


John waited to hear the outer door above him close and lock before he crouched down and peeled back the blanket. His heart missed a beat. The girl was naked. Her skin was moon-white and her full breasts perfectly shaped. Her heart-shaped face was framed by crow's wing hair cut bluntly at the shoulders, her lips sweetly curved, her expression that of a pensive Madonna with a slightly sarcastic slant of eyebrow. Her eyes were closed, and John studied her, his eyes tracing every curve and contour of her lithe body. Suddenly, he found himself in the path of a silver blue glare, like the light at the heart of a glacier.

I don't know what that motherfucker put in my drink, she hissed, but when I bite him, I'm going to make sure I'm already full so I can spit the blood back in his stupid fat face.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615721078
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Eternal Press

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