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Cursed (Wild Things)

Author(s): Jocelyn Michel

Book Summary

Cassidy Kerrigan has reluctantly left her computer to assume the role of host for a brand-new prime-time monster hunt called Wild Things. Along with Andrei Dinu, her guide/cameraman/vampire lover, she visits an Egyptian pyramid that is supposedly cursed. Will they encounter the depravity, pestilence and catastrophe that are the supposed fate of all who dare enter?

Praise for Cursed

"I love the relationship between Cassidy and Andrei and as much as he claims he cannot love, his actions speak louder than words. These are short stories but each one is sexy and fun."

-- 5 Stars from Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild

Wild Things: Cursed
Jocelyn Michel
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Jocelyn Michel

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Do you believe in curses? Many archeologists have answered that with a no and then paid the price after they excavated the tombs of the pharaohs. In fact, there are numerous documented incidences of bad luck, sickness and even death following digs, with the most famous being those related to the opening of King Tut's tomb. It's easy to assume coincidence is to blame, but what if there really are curses that do not differentiate between thieves and well-intentioned explorers? On this episode of Wild Things, I will explore the Pyramid of Sunrua in an attempt to find out once and for all if such curses are real."

My cameraman/guide Andrei Dinu motioned for me to move a little to the left -- to get a better shot, I assumed. I obliged, tripping over something in the process and quick-stepping to keep from losing my balance. Did he laugh? Hell yeah.

I glared at him. "You did that on purpose!"

He nodded, unfazed by my temper. "A little humor never hurts, and the stumble totally works as part of the curse mumbo-jumbo."

"So you don't believe in them?"

He snorted. "No."

"Hmph!" I turned my back on him and headed into Sunrua, one of the major attractions in Shurdan, a necropolis in Egypt. Also known as the Sun Pyramid, it had a smooth exterior instead of the well-known step sides, and was a big tourist draw.

Andrei followed me, of course. It was his job to film my adventures as host of the television series conceived by me. Though I'd never intended to be this involved with the project, my estranged father, Sean Kerrigan, had insisted I be the star. As CEO of Earth Broadcasting Network, that was his right, of course. But I knew the real reason he'd made his demand -- to get back at me for cutting him out of my life, something I'd done as payback for him dumping my mom.

"Built by Pharaoh Hami -- Er, Hammon -- Damn it." I made a face at the camera. "Built by Pharaoh Ham-a-nur-ran, the pyramid may have taken as long as seventeen years to build." I paused in front of a wall into which hieroglyphics had been carved. "I don't have a clue what this says..." I pointed at my backdrop and smiled sweetly at the camera. "But there's a plaque here that translates it for us: Cursed be he who enters here. To him shall come depravity, pestilence, and catastrophe." I stared into the lens for several seconds for the drama of it, before slashing my hand across my neck to kill the shot. "Could it be any hotter in here?"

"This is a desert."

"Yeah, well, please remind me how hot the sun can get next time I mention filming anywhere camels are the preferred mode of transportation." I walked straight to an ice chest Andrei had brought along and dug out a bottle of water. After guzzling down half of the ice-cold contents, I offered it to Andrei without thought. He rolled his eyes, silently reminding me that he didn't drink anything but blood. Warm blood at that. Did I mention that Andrei was not just my cameraman and guide, but also my vampire lover?

We'd met in Romania while filming my first shoot, and it had been sex at first sight. Somewhere along the way, I'd fallen in love. Unfortunately, vampires couldn't reciprocate, or so Andrei claimed. At times I wondered if he was wrong, since his actions consistently told a different story.

"I guess this is all we can do until tonight."

"Yeah. How'd Beau ever wrangle permission to film in here after dark?" Andrei referred to Beau Truman, my prissy producer.

"He didn't. I did. Had to fuck the Minister of Antiquities and everyone on his staff, but what the heck. That's show biz."

Andrei's eyes narrowed, further proof that he cared for me, at least in my opinion. He, however, claimed all men, dead or alive, were territorial. "You did not."

"You're right. I didn't. But what would you do if I had?"

My lover visibly relaxed. "I think a good spanking would be in order."

"Ooh. Promises, promises." I pretended to dig an appointment book from the flapped pocket of my red button-up safari shirt, now damp with sweat. Holding an imaginary pencil, I asked, "When are you available?"

That made him laugh. "How about now?"

I glanced at the tourists and guards milling about. "Too many witnesses."

"Or not."

One second he stood right there; the next he was a blur that reminded me no one could move like a vampire on a mission. We wound up in a side room I hadn't even noticed. He set down the camera and shut the door behind us. My eyes didn't have time to adjust to the dim lighting before Andrei went for my leather belt and the zipper of my khakis.

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 05/14/2013
Publisher: Changeling Press

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