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Dark Moon Magick

The Moon Series: Book 4

Author(s): Rose Marie Wolf

Werewolf Rose Barnett has a serious problem: She's pregnant and unsure who the father of her child is. To make matters worse, her husband, Jason, is gone, unknowing that she is even carrying a child and a new werewolf arrival to the PRDI brings a wave of unexplained "accidents", that threaten her and her unborn child…

As Rose's pack bands together to uncover the truth behind the accidents and keep her safe, Jason works ceaselessly to find out the truth behind his growing psychic abilities. When an unexpected psychic call for help leads him to a research facility, Jason meets a strange woman who may be the key to discovering his true self. But before he can return home with his findings, he must stop a new threat before it is too late for them all.

Warning this title includes graphic language, violence and some sexual situations.



Yeah, she's definitely a were.” He stopped outside of her room. “She's new, but she sounds almost like she knows what she's talking about.”

“Yeah, and I don't like that about her.”

“Rose -- ”

“No, Glen, listen to me. I'm getting a strange feeling about her. I can't explain what it is, but it's like I've met her before. I don't like her.”

“Don't tell me you're developing psychic powers, too.”

Rose sucked in a breath at the verbal blow. She didn't need the reminder about why Jason had left. She closed her eyes. Her headache had begun to pound ruthlessly against her sinuses. She felt the pressure just behind her eyes and nose. She rubbed the bridge of her nose again.

“No, I don't think so. It's instinct. The wolf doesn't like her. And I can't even catch her scent to tell if I do know her or not.”

“Probably not, Rose. If you did know her, then I think I would too. I didn't recognize her scent.”

“Wish I could be sure of that myself,” Rose grumbled. “I can't help being suspicious.”

Glen sighed a bit and touched her shoulder. “I suggest you don't let it bother you. You've got too much on your mind anyway. Go lay down. Rest for a bit. I can handle anything that comes up.”

She knew better than to argue with him. Besides, she was too tired. She only nodded in agreement. Glen watched her a moment.

“It was kinda funny though, when she thought we were a couple.” A grin widened on Glen's face. Rose shuddered overdramatically.

“Gross.” She stuck her tongue out at him and then laughed when Glen embraced her. It was easy to laugh when he did it. He wrapped one arm around her and hugged her close.

“I love you, kid.”

She kissed his stubbly cheek. “Yeah, I know. People just can't help it.”

“Damn straight. Glad you're not upset any more.”

“I'm too tired to be upset.”

“You are looking a little pale.”

“Yeah, I just need to lie down for a bit. Been busy today.”

“I know. Get some rest. Do you want me to wake you in a few hours for dinner?”

“Yeah, sure. That'll be fine.”

“Good. Maybe we can finish showing Nola around then. She'll probably be hungry then too.”

Rose's smile faded. She didn't like the idea of being around Nola again, but it couldn't be helped. How strange that her attitude changed from wanting to meet her, to loathing the young woman in such a short time after meeting her. It was probably her hormones bothering her. She nodded a little to herself at the explanation.

Glen squeezed her shoulder. “I'll see you later.” He kissed the top of her head. “Sleep well. Oh, and you can give me the admissions papers later so I can file them away.”

“All right. Thanks, Glen.”

He smiled at her one final time then walked away. His footfalls echoed and disappeared as he vanished down the hall. She waited outside her room for a moment before pulling out her key and unlocking the door.

She pushed it open easily and entered. The room was dark, but Rose's werewolf vision cut through the shadows quickly. It was great having night vision, she had always thought, but now she wanted to see nothing but the back of her eyelids.

She shut the door behind her and flipped the light switch on. Regardless of how well she could see in the dark, she needed light. Her room was well furnished; Glen had seen to that. Some of the furniture from the cabin she and Jason once shared was supposed to make it feel more like home, but it did the opposite. It made her feel alone, trapped. It reminded her constantly that Jason was gone and might not be coming back.

She dropped her keys on the desk near the door, pausing once to look at the dark computer screen. She hadn't turned it on in weeks. Her job writing human interest articles was long gone. Her editors claimed her work was lacking and sporadic. She missed several deadlines, so they let her go. Rose didn't really mind. Money was no longer an issue since she had received part of Claire's inheritance. The job held too much stress anyway.

Still, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of remorse that she was no longer doing what she loved, writing.

Even her creative urges seemed quelled. The books she had once written and self-published seemed like a dream. They hadn't done well. Her portrayal of the supernatural didn't seem fantastic enough and they flopped. Her books were never destined to be best sellers, but Rose had always been determined to follow up with something better. That dream had fallen into dust after Simon stepped into their lives a second time.

Without her writing and her job, there was nothing Rose could do. She didn't want to stay at the cabin alone in her condition. The place had been destroyed by Simon in one of his violent searches for her and Jason. She didn't want to stay there with the reminders of Jason and the remnants of Simon's destruction. Glen had been gracious to offer her a position on the PRDI team and to allow her to live there.

She sighed and sat down on the edge of her bed -- our bed, she had to remind herself.

Rose eased back among the pillows and closed her eyes, her arms folding over her stomach. She could feel the baby move around. She pressed her hands against her stomach and felt the baby's firm kick.

The kid would be born in a month or so and then what? Like it or not, she was alone in this. The thought made her sinus headache feel worse, and she closed her eyes. It felt like a jackhammer was pounding on her brain and a knife slicing through her heart. She moved her hands from her stomach, no longer wanting to feel the baby move. Instead she rested them on her chest, feeling the steady beating of her heart. It was a wonder it beat at all, she thought.

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Date Published: 10/23/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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