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Author(s): Morgan Hawke

Cassandra is a very modern, if Satanic, exotic Dancer. Little does she guess what adventure Satan has in mind for her in Medieval Paris...
Before Cassandra stepped from the magic circle in the bowels of the Magister's palace, she learned two things: that she had been conjured to seduce a Priest and that she really was a Demoness obedient to the will of the Magister that conjured her.
She discovers that her demonic powers had a bloodthirsty will of their own, and that the Priest was a member of the deadly Spanish Inquisition who had killed all the women previously sent to seduce him.
What is a girl to do?


“--I invoke you in the name of Lucifer, Lord of Blood and Darkness to obey my commands, oh Demoness of the Pit.” The hair lifting all over her body, Cassandra bared her teeth in anger. She hated being afraid and this guy was creeping the fuck out of her. “You little shit!” She took a step toward the guy and jolted to a sudden halt. She couldn't pass the painted boundary of the circle.
Raising her hands in curiosity, she felt about and discovered herself trapped within a kind of invisible force field. If this is a circle meant to contain a demon and I can't pass it, then this means that… Her brow furrowed in confusion, then her eyes widened in surprise. I'm supposed to be the demon? Being considered a demon was kinda cool, but then again, it kinda wasn't.
She raised her fist and shouted. “Hey! Let me out of here, you fucking freak! You got your damned spell wrong!” She banged her fist on the force field. It gave a hollow wobbling sound but stayed right where it was. “You didn't get a demon, you moron! You conjured a stripper!” She winced. Well, I do kinda worship Satan, but that doesn't make me demonic, does it?
The short guy in the long robes continued to chant, clearly ignoring her.
Cassandra's cursing and swearing got creative.
Intoning in a deep, monotonous voice, he stepped out from behind the podium then marched, right up to the circle's edge. He finished his mantra in a flourish of exotic phrases and gestures. He pointed a finger at Cassandra. “Demoness.”
She flinched back. “What?”
The short guy stared into her eyes. “I command thee to seduce The Holy Inquisitor, Monsignor Casca Renaldo Cervantes of the Holy Order of the Dominicans, currently ensconced in the Our Lady of Paris Cathedral. I command you to take his virginity and then deliver him to your Infernal Master.”
Cassandra blinked. “Let me get this straight. You want me to seduce a priest?”
He nodded curtly.
She snorted. “Hell, I'd do a priest for you without all this--” She waved her hand around indicating the ritual site. “Getup.” She gave him a smug smile. He won't be the first priest I've seduced, and if I have anything to say about it, he certainly won't be the last!
Something abruptly bonged in Cassandra's head. A wave of heat slithered up her body like exploring hands on her flesh. It felt as though something else was moving inside her body, rummaging around under her skin and lurking at the back of her mind. Cassandra's nipples and every hair on her body stood upright. To her complete and utter surprise, her mouth popped open. “I hear and obey, Master.” She blinked. Well, shit. Looks like I am the demon!
He imperiously held out his hand. “Come, Demoness.” Cassandra flinched at the command, but was strangely powerless to resist his direct order.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-092-3
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 04/10/2009
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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