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A Samantha Scott Novel

Author(s): Rachel Robinson

A Samantha Scott Novel

Samantha, a light Bruxa has escaped a life that’s all she’s ever known. Now she needs to decide how to keep her precious magic and establish a life of her own in the real world. Trust becomes paramount as she sifts through her past to find the truth.

How far will she go to protect the lives of her friends—to fall in love with whom she chooses? Most importantly, how far will she push the limits to find herself?


"You're lying and I don't know why." I knew him better than he thought. After years apart I still had it. He remained silent, stony. His blue eyes held mine in earnest. In that moment I knew that his silence was as close to the truth that I was going to get.

"Fine. If you can't tell me what all of this is about," I nudged the closest stack of books with my boot and then returned my eyes to his before asking, "Are you with me or against me?" If he wouldn't answer me straight I needed the next best thing, his alliance. He took a step in my direction and my stomach filled with butterflies. He gently grabbed my hands and never took his eyes off mine. As he interlaced our fingers I felt the strong, safe warmth I'd never been able to forget. The buzzing throughout my body that I'd come to know when I was close to Malakai began. He released my hands and brought his hands to my waist. His grip was strong and tight as he crushed our bodies together. His
chiseled chest and stomach pressed against my body. It left me wanting more.
His eyes never left mine when he spoke next, "I'm as with you as I can be." His hand trailed up the side of my waist, grazing my breast as he brought his fingers up to lightly touch my neck. I
closed my eyes to relish in his touch, a touch that I'd been without for so long. I opened my eyes to find his gaze darkened, more out of control. This was another look I knew well.

My head kept screaming that it wasn't a direct answer, that this answer could be taken one way or the other but my heart cancelled all other lucid thoughts as Kai leaned down and kissed me so passionately that I forgot I even owned a brain.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728589
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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