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Author(s): Wendy Stone

Two Vampires, a lion shifter and a Veterinarian, what’s strange about that?

Dr. Jenna Goodwin is dedicated to two things, her Veterinarian Clinic and her brother, maybe not in that order.  So when her brother called, she came running.  He’s presented her with a puzzle, one she is now eager to solve. Jacob was a prince.  He’d been kidnapped and held by two rogue vampires that had used as a sex toy and a pin cushion.  He’s gone a bit feral and Jenna sees something in his gleaming golden eyes that she can’t resist.  Can she find a way to bring him back and keep him safe from the vampires?  Will he woo her into leaving everything she knows and coming away with him to his country? Only time can tell.


"What bit you?" she growled, stepping up to poke at the flesh around the wound. There didn't look like any infection had set in and the bleeding had already stopped. She jumped when he grabbed her hand, pulling it away from the mark.

"I didn't call you about me, Jen. I ... found something in the woods." He didn't say anymore and she tore her hand away.

"Is that what bit you?" she snapped. The wound on his chest was ugly and it needed stitching as well as bandaging.

"Yeah, but ... it's not as easy as all that. He's injured and feral, Jen. I was hoping you might work a bit of your magic with him."

Jenna met his eyes, eyes that were so much like her own. "You've brought an injured and feral animal into your home, Caleb? Are you crazy?"

"I ... I never said he was an animal." He uttered the words quickly as if he'd hoped she wouldn't realize what they meant. But as soon as her eyes focused on him again, he knew she'd caught what he'd been saying.

"You have a man here? A man who is feral and who bit you? Are you crazy, Caleb? You should call a hospital and let them handle it. They know better what he'll need and have the medications that will help him."

"Jenna ... just shut up for a minute. This isn't an ordinary man. God! I knew this was going to be difficult." Caleb grabbed her arm and tugged her into the room he'd just left. The man he'd brought back to his house was lying on the bed, chained down with two sets of handcuffs. His head turned when he heard the door open, his nose flaring as if he were trying to recognize their scents. Then a snarl curled his lips and he threw himself against the restraints, his teeth snapping.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722402
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 12/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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